Friday, February 4, 2011

Things That Suck About Sweden

9. Unfriendly people - would it kill somebody to say 'have a nice day' or even just 'hey how's it going' or something?
8. No Starbucks 
7. The guy at 7eleven on Medborgarplatsen who doesn't speak English - how can you work at 711 and not speak English!  It's an American store!
6. Weird groceries - all the food is in tubes!  They have CAVIAR in tubes!  Don't they have any class?
5. Ice on the sidewalks - people, there has to be a machine that can fix that!
4. Everybody knows each other except me
3. Crappy TV - even the American stuff is crappy
2. Asshole yoga teacher who doesn't BELIEVE I have back problems
1. My husband loved me in America


Jennifer said...

Come and check out the purse forum! Lots of new Alex pics! He has been sighted! It will cheer you up.

I am sorry you are having a hard time adjusting. :o/

OhioGirl said...

Thanks Jennifer - wow. Excuse me while I POOF THUD DEAD. I need a little lie down in a darkened room!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now... like they speak French at the Sephora stores in the U.S.?!

Jennifer said...

There have been a total of three sightings!! Hope to see you back there soon. I hope you didn't feel chased off, I got your back! :o)

Jennifer said...

Woops! Four sightings now! ;o)

OhioGirl said...

@ Anonymous yeah okay ;-)

@ Jennifer, yeah but if I close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears the fourth sighting didn't happen!!!

Ulrika said...

I agree it's very, very dark in winter. Wait until summer though, it's light light light.

Swedes appear to be rude when they really are shy and unsure of themselves. I know, it's annoying.

Here in the UK the IKEA staff doesn't speak Swedish, they can hardly pronounce the Swedish names of the furniture. It's an outrage! ;)

When I come over to visit, everybody knows each other except for me! I'm Billy-no-mates...

And finally, Swedish telly is really crap, which gives you plenty of time to learn Swedish. Yeah!

Love from expat Ulrika, England.

OhioGirl said...

Hej Ulrika, thanks for stopping by and your helpful advice! I'm trying really hard to learn Swedish but I think that my mouth just doesn't go that way, maybe it's the same for the staff at UK IKEAS!

Rex said...

So ppl are unfriendly? Well,once again,ur living in the wrong place...I went up to Stockholm for a weekend a couple of yrs back,me and a friend,and I must say that I have never seen so much rudeness in such a short time as I did that weekend. Let me asure you,I'll never be back!

Anonymous said...

Stop projecting, and realize that what you would consider rude where you come from is not here. Your american way is not considered more friendly, but often intrusive and annoying. No, not just that, I don't mean to say you're doing anythin wrong, you should be who you are, but you have to see that there are other perspectives. It's a cultural difference, and NOT rudeness. For example, if someone doesn't ask for help, it is not nice but intrusive and sort of demeaning to help them (as if they were stupid and couldn't manage on their own) BUT if you ask for help, people will gladly help you. You will find it much easier if you try to understand the different perspective.

BB13 said...

Late to the party but I was at the 7/11 on Medborgarplatsen and the guy's English was perfectly fine which also disagrees with the other point. He wasn't rude at all, very interested in where my friend and I were coming from etc. But maybe it was a substitute.

Patty Barba said...

what do u mean when u say: "my husband loved me in America"?? have his feelings changed now that you're in Sweden??