Friday, February 4, 2011

Commercial Making Fun of Americans

You want to know why I'm not learning to speak Swedish?  This is why!  This is what I sound like! (but I don't look like a sheep)


Blog of Ice said...

No, worries. Everyone sounds really bad when they start :)

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh I saw this commercial for the first time yesterday (all by myself) and I started laughing hysterically. "Who speaks Swedish anyway?"

OhioGirl said...

@ Blog of Ice - thanks, I feel better now!

@ Jessica, I know what you mean! At least you aren't talking to yourself all by yourself... not that I am!

rednk-n-eurp said...

Who speaks Swedish anyway? (not many, outside the Swedish universe) :)

shakey said...

LOLOL! Cute commercial!

I understand in that I live in Quebec and most people here speak French. You really do need it to live day to day. The French I learned in school is Parisian French and it's very different from French in Southwestern Quebec (they use slang a lot here). I feel your frustration in not sounding like a native. The best thing is to accept it. Speak it the way you need to. The one thing I've found is that people appreciate when you try.

When I read Swedish books translated into English and watch subtitled Swedish films, I try to pronounce certain place names or words the same way. It really is difficult, especially when you're used to growing up with latin-based languages and you can better guess at the pronunciation.

Soldier on. It will get better over time.

OhioGirl said...

Thanks - great advice! Even in the last few weeks I've gotten way less self conscious at pronouncing stuff wrong and just gone for it, so I'm getting there!