Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You know how they always say that you have to go out and find love because it's not just going to fall on your lap?  Well they are wrong because love fell on my lap!

This is mmphhghf years ago, back in my youth when I was still cute, I lived with a roommate at the time and we were not exactly best friends, so it was not fun to hang out at home.  Also, you might remember that there was this one episode of Sex & the City where Carrie decides to own being alone and goes to a cafe without a book or any company?

I decided that I was going to do this too! Except there aren't really any sidewalk cafes in Toledo and I would have been pretty bored anyway, so I decided to go to a movie on my own.  Which I didn't really need to explain all of, but you've got it now!

Anyway, there I was sitting in my seat with my popcorn and feeling pretty darn independent and cool (would have only been better if I had a cosmopolitan!) when I SENSED this guy coming up the aisle towards me.  I SWEAR to you I didn't see him, but there was this tingly sensation like I was just about to jump off a cliff.  And then he started shuffling along my row and I was staring at the screen like I was going to shoot a laser into it because I just KNEW and was freaking out inside.  He got right up to me, then I heard the most amazing growly sexy voice say 'excuse me' and he started to step over me, but somehow he tripped up and yep, landed right on me and my popcorn went everywhere!

But I really didn't mind!

Turned out the movie was pretty boring (American Beauty, sorry, didn't get all the fuss!!) and we were practically the only people in the theater so we just talked all the way through.  When the gun goes off (seriously, if you haven't seen it by now you're not going to!) I jumped and he took my hand and I knew I was going to marry him.

And I did!

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Hayley said...

So cute! I hope things are still going good for you guys, sounds like you are an awesome couple!!