Thursday, September 22, 2011

A friend!!!

Whaddayaknow, right after I posted about feeling bad about not feeling like I am getting to know people here, I just made my first friend!

I went to meet Erik after he had a training session because we had a coffee date (things are okay between us right now, he is trying to understand that I can't give what he wants yet and being patient), and when I showed up he was like "come meet my client" - he had mentioned this girl called Amie before (pronounced Aah-mie, not Ay-mee like in America) and said he thought we would really hit it off. And we did! 

She came out of the changing rooms and was so friendly and excitable I thought for a second she must be American!  She said she had been really looking forward to meeting me and I was even cuter than Erik said and she had been listening to him about us for months and was really rooting for things to work out, and I was like - wow!  Hi!

So we went and had coffee (I met up with Erik later) and just jabbered away the whole time like we had been storing up things to say to each other for our whole lives.  She is super cute and sweet and fun and we made plans to do some shopping (and more fika) next week too. 

Like they always say, boys come and go, but a good girlfriend means everything!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Me: I warned you I wasn't ready for anything serious
Him: I didn't expect this
Me:  I just got out of my marriage
Him: I can't help how I feel.
Me: Neither can I. 
Him: But I fell in love with you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just because it's sunny doesn't mean it isn't Fall

Another new season here in Stockholm.  My third since I moved here, although technically I was here for spring which would make it my fourth, but I dunno, I think I missed it.  Maybe I blinked or something because basically, it was winter until about May, then suddenly it was summer, which was great.  But now it's over and there's a chill in the air but no snow so I guess it's fall.

My second season not being married.  Well okay legally, I still am, but in my heart I am definitely a single gal again.  It took a while.  For a really long time I bought enough groceries for two, including stuff that I don't really like but he does.  And I still bought it, then a few weeks later when it was mouldy chucked it out.  And then forgot again and bought it again the next time I went to the store.   

I kept an eye on baseball scores all summer so I would know what kind of mood he would be in when he got home, then I remembered he wasn't going to come home.  I slept on my side of the bed for a long while, then one day realized I could stretch out in the middle and never looked back. 

There were times I got so lonely I could scream.  I spent the summer walking among all these people who all know each other and are in couples and wondered if anybody would ever talk to me again. 

Swedes are hard work to really get to know.  You keep thinking you're there, you're close, then you get reminded all over again that they have people in their lives that are way more important than you'll ever be and you just have to suck it.

I think they prioritize people by how long they have known them.  If it's between me and somebody they knew at school, I lose every time and so I have no chance.  This is a pretty unimaginitve way to deal with people if you ask me - I definitely wouldn't consider the people I knew in high school to be automatically more important than someone really amazing I just met, but I guess that's just reason # 7,676,339,982 I will never be Swedish.  And also, most of the people I went to high school with are assholes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

You know on...

A rainy day in early fall (even if the rest of the world thinks it's summer) and you spend the day in a cosy candlelit coffeeshop with your honey and everything is as wonderful as could be?  The guy who most of the time you think probably can't spell the world feelings suddenly is all affectionate and says things that just make your toes curl?

And it helps you put things in perspective, things you can't change and really don't matter all that much and it's just a day to smile?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay, I admit that I am weak when it comes to gossip - I love it!  I've said that proudly before and I will say it again - I love gossip!!!!!!  And I think that celebrities should just chin up and take it as part of their job - you want to be famous and pampered and never worry about money?  WEll okay, but people are going to talk about you.  Deal with it, m'kay!!

But I am not a celebrity!  I write a silly little blog about my time in Sweden that REALLY isn't all that interesting and people treat me like I'm some crazy Hollywood person living a fascinating life!  I don't even understand what they find to talk about (I really don't go and read it all myself), can you let me know what is so interesting about my life because I'd sure like to know???!!!  I guess I can't stop people talking about me in other forums but can I just let you know it's weird for me???

I don't know if I should do anything.  Some people are advising me I should go to the forums and confront people who are spreading rumors about me (especially because maybe my ex will find out and use this stuff against me somehow) but I don't know - don't they say not to feed trolls?

It's just really not what I need at this difficult time for me.  Things are getting better for sure, but I am still vulnerable and just don't need bad energy even out there amongst crazies on the internet.  Is it because people are jealous that I get groceries in the same store as some Skarsgards?  Because I've got to tell you, IT'S JUST A STORE!  Buying milk is buying milk, people, it's not that interesting!!

Oh and the funniest thing?  Apparently Erik isn't real either!  He has a website for his personal training!  Look it up, idiots!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swedes Glorious Swedes

Why do they all hover randomly in the street and don't move when people need to get by?
Why do they all wear the exact same outfit and have the exact same phone?
Why do they look down on me when I TRY to speak their language and not even listen even though I'm doing my best?
Why do they not have one low-fat option on anything in the store but they are all skinny?
Why do they have no idea what feelings and emotions are and definitely not how to express them to another human being?
Why do they sit in coffee shops all day long even on weekdays?
Why do the men dress like (hipster) women, and the women dress like (hipster) men?
Why are their supermarkets full of different varieties of the SAME FIVE FOODS?
Why did no one tell me that I've been paying for salad and a drink and a cookie every time I buy lunch but I didn't know I had to go get it myself?
Why do they act like being a little bit friendly is a sign of being a freaky stalker like person?
Why do they eat lunch at 10:30 am?

Friday, September 2, 2011

OhioGirl is Back!!

Okay, sorry about getting a little emotional last night, but picture the scene: I'm all snuggled up with my honey, just about to fall asleep, and I decide to check emails on my phone one last time and I have about 20 either friends asking me what's going on, or weirdos telling me I... umm, don't exist.  Mmmmm so okay... why has this blog always attracted people with a screw or two missing?  I didn't ask for this kind of attention!  I guess it's kind of flattering that people think about me enough to make up crazy stories about me - thank you!!!  Now step away from my life, kthanksbye!!!

But anyway I guess it's good because it made me get my butt in gear and start writing in this blog again which I have been meaning and thinking about doing for the longest time.  Basically, summer went a little insane for me, I have had a LOT of personal sh*t to deal with so I just took a little time to be me, you know?  I walked around in the sunshine and sat in parks and watched the water and ate ice cream (sometimes!!) and spent a little time with a personal trainer we all know and love.  Well I do, I don't know about you guys.  And if you do, back away while you still have both your knees!!!!!!

Oh, and worked on getting divorced which was so fun!  Seriously, I recommend it as a leisure activity for all the family, it just makes you feel SO GOOD.

So anyway.  I might go into more detail about this stuff someday, but for right now I want to focus on the FUTURE and TAKING ONE STEP AT A TIME.  And also, in figuring out if I can walk through walls and stuff now that I'm not a real person.

Whatever crazies!


So, I take a little break from blogging to enjoy the summer and my honey and because I've got enough drama in my real life without having crazies be crazy On me in my very own blog, and today I here that some person STOLE images from this blog to pretend it's part of some tv show and now is telling people that I don't exist?!????? Ummm sorry but I just pinched myself there and I definitely felt it... yeah pretty sure I'm real thanks very much.... Wtf is going on with all the crazies??? Is it a full moon on the Internet or sonething??

Umm seriously though, could we not let this rumor get out of control please? Because that guy I used to be married to will use any excuse not to pay shit and a figment Of somebody's imaginatio can't exactly claim alimOny, know what I'm saying???