Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The List

I decided that I needed to update my list.  You know the list I'm talking about, right ladies?  The list.  The free pass list.  It needs a Swedish slant. Here we go:

We'll start with the obvious:
Show me a woman who would kick this guy out for farting, and I will show you a liar.

Trying to figure out a way to take a picture of Eric my trainer so that you can all see who I *have* to get sweaty with every second day... life aint so bad!!

Now, I've been doing a little  bit of Swedish research (what?  it's cultural!) so now I have some new guys to add:

I believe this guy is a soccer player, but any abs I could grate cheese off and make nachos are just fine with me!

This guy was in a TV show I watched recently which I think was pretty good even though I didn't know what the heck was happening:

This whole gelled hair and glasses thing is the look here - don't ask me why!  But I'm starting to get on board with it...

And again with the gelled hair!  Why Swedish men, why!  This guy, I'm hearing is pretty naughty with the ladies, if ya know what I mean!  He just won a Swedish Oscar

So that is my updated list for now.  I'll add to it as I hear of more hot Swedes - the stuff I do for cultural research, I tell you!!  And if I ever see any of these guys on the street, well, they're on my list, so whattamy gonna do?!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Mr. Number 1 photo is def a cutie :)

OhioGirl said...

You have good taste in men! Thanks for visiting!

Raven said...

Those first two pics are especially luscious! Wow!

OhioGirl said...

Yep, they're top of the list for a reason ;-)

Milica Svetlinka said...

hotties :3