Monday, February 7, 2011


Well that's what it felt like this weekend!

After our lovely dinner Friday night, DH and I hung out all weekend - he even switched off his blackberry - I know!!  We finally explored together and I showed him all the places I love. 

I took him to the Millennium coffee shop (well that's what I call it because I've been told that they were shooting there before Christmas and I always imagine that I am sitting on the seat that Daniel Craig did!). (it's really called Kaffe Bar) I was telling him about the movie and stuff, and it turns out that DH always assumed that they were chick lit books because I am so crazy about them, so I set him straight!  I told him the whole story and he was amazed and really excited to read them. 

So we went to what I call the Harry Potter bookshop on Götgatan because it's all wooden with really high shelves and ladders to reach them and I always think that it could be on Diagon Alley and imagine that all the books are spell books.  They're not all spell books of course, they are regular books, and we bought the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for DH (I have a copy of course, but he wanted his own). 

Then somehow we ended up doing the tour together!  And you know I was really disappointed and thought it was kind of stupid when I did it on my own?  Well somehow it was really fun showing DH around.  I took him to see Blomkvist's apartment, and explained to him how I figured out where the the cars were parked when he was under surveillance (he was really impressed and said maybe I should join the secret police!)  And then I showed him Salander's apartment up on the hill which I am in love with, and he promised that one day he would buy me an apartment there.  And the 7eleven, and their office above Greenpeace!

We ended up at a cosy little bar near our apartment and had a couple of drinks and talked and talked and talked.  We talked to these teenage girls who were at the next table and told them about the tour we had done and they said they haven't even read the books!  Crazy!

I am so lucky to have such a fun husband who is also my best friend!


Shrl said...

wow i didnt know you could visit the places from the book? Is there an official guide? I love these books - dont get me wrong I love your blog too !!

Jennifer said...

Yay! So glad you had such an awesome weekend!!!

OhioGirl said...

Hey! Thanks, it was pretty cool :-)

@ Shrl They are awesome, aren't they? There is an official tour, but because I know my way around now I took hubby on a special personal private tour!