Friday, February 11, 2011

Everybody speaks Swedish except me!

I am so impressed!!  I really like Malin Ackerman and didn't know she could speak Swedish so well - wow!!  Now I feel even worse that I am so bad!

27 Dresses was a really cute film and I THINK they are talking about it but maybe they are talking about the weather or broccoli!

Ahh... I looked it up and it turns out she IS Swedish.  Now I'm impressed she speaks "American" so well I never noticed her accent!


Loppan flyttar västerut... said...


Just wanted you to know that I´m from now on is your "follower". Your blog is JÄTTEBRA! I am in the exact same position as you, but reverse so to speak. I just moved to north carolina.
Your blog makes me smile, love it!

//Åsa (I know, the most stupidest letter in the world ÅÅÅÅÅ)

BB13 said...

Hi OhioGirl,

I got a question for you Swedish followers.
Why is she speaking English in between? Is it because she misses the Swedish words or do that all Swedish people?
I've read she left Stockholm when she was 2 so I'd guess her parents may didn't teach her that much. IDK.

Kalas Lotta said...

She moved when she was two but her parents are still swedish and they speak swedish to her.

She is using some english words in this but not much I think.

As she says, she is speaking swedish but thinks in english.

Happy Weekend!

Ulrika said...

Don't feel bad. You'll learn Swedish eventually. It takes time. And as your readers have told you already Malin moved across the pond when she was a toddler. That's why she speaks English without an accent.
After 17 years in the UK i think and dream in English but still speak with a Swedish accent. It gets less and less every year, but it's there... Give yourself a break now...:)