Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How do you solve a problem like Swedish men?

Because... damn!  Okay, so where I come from, a guy likes you, he might hit on you sleazily which is annoying but at least it's clear what he wants, he asks you out, you say sure and the rest is history.  Simple, right?

I'm talking to the lady doing my facial today about the whole Erik situation (yeah it's all blown up, story's a comin'...) and I was telling her all the things he has said and done for MONTHS now that make it clear he is interested in me and yet still he hasn't really made a move.  And she was like "oh sweetie, he's Swedish!  He's probably waiting for you to."  And I was like - umm, no.  Not fair.  We have cramps and waxing and childbirth THEY HAVE TO MAKE THE MOVES.  It's the way of the universe!

I mean, when I say hasn't made a move, of course he has.  Moves have happened.  But we're not dating, exactly.  We're friends who... move sometimes.  Or are we dating Swedishly and I just don't even realise?  It's it all too subtle for this American gal who is used to men who are pretty darned obvious about it if they are dating you?

I've lost patience.  I've lost patience SO MANY TIMES and then I see him again and it's like... oh go on then, you are hot.  And tall.  What is it about tall men that's just irresistible?  And sweet and kind and funny... it all blew up again because he asked me how I was.  And it just knocked me for six.  He asked me how stuff in the US had gone, and said that it had been weird without me for a couple weeks.  So he is interested in my life, missed me while I was gone... is all vibe-y and a little unnecessarily touchy... is this it?  Is this a relationship in Sweden?  Am I supposed to jump all on him?  How do you even make a move on somebody almost an entire foot taller than you?  I would need a ladder or a pogo stick or something, which would not exactly have the subtle effect I would be going for. 


Viajera said...

It's the same here in Holland. Move on him, but in a classy way. They expect that. The worst that can happen is htat he doesn't respond, but if you do it right, you'll be okay. Forget the North American rules. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, take it easy. They're not big risk takers, the Swedes. Careful/ "lagom" is the tune here;-) create à situation where you can "spontainously" ask him for dinner at your place and see what happens...

OhioGirl said...

Great advice ladies, great, great advice. Love ya!!!

Senchaholic said...
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Senchaholic said...

Your questions are not new. Surely you've read Sapphire's posts on the subject? :D

Jon said...

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