Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not Suitable for Work

Oh my... !  It's FINALLY a little bit sunny today so I decided to go for a walk and cheer myself up. I went over to Gamla Stan (old town) to explore because it just looks like such a cute little storybook place!  Which it was to start with.  The streets are teeny tiny, I can't even believe that cars ever got up them - they are narrower than a sidewalk back in the US! And the buildings are all kind of crooked and twisty like witches live there.  

So it was a really lovely morning and I had some tea and a cinamon bun and just felt really happy and THEN!  I was confronted with this!!! ...

Yeah that IS what it looks like!!  Seriously X rated porn right there in a STORE WINDOW! 

I just STARED!  Then I freaked out becaue I thought people might think I was staring because I like to see that stuff, so I turned to run away and this guy was right behind me and I crashed into him and I wanted to say sorry in Swedish and I couldn't remember so I just STARED at him to for, the longest minute in the history of the world!  And then I freaked out that he might think I had been staring at the porn and staring at him and now I was FANTASIZING about him instead of just trying to remember how to say sorry in Swedish!


Jennifer said...

That is hysterical. You poor dear. Lovely area, though! I would enjoy walking amongst those buildings.

Surviving Sweden said...

Oh man, I know. They put crazy porn in the morning paper, here. I have almost choked on my cornflakes a few times.

Seriously, there are just somethings I would like to have a little warning before I see.

Woebin said...

Hey cool, I'm on one of those book covers. Sorry they shocked you, but they're hardly "seriously X rated porn" - none but the top left one even actually show anything explicit.

Not that I want to bring up tired clichés, but I definitely think this is way more benign than the intense violence which is somehow more acceptable in American media than a little bit of nudity.

Stellan said...

Well, what we have here is a fine collection of classic erotic litterature. From Top left:
Juliette, deSade, 1797
The story of O, P. Réage, 1954
Hogg, Delany, 1969
Josephine Mutzenbacher - The Life Story of a Viennese Whore, as Told by Herself, Salten, 1906 (funny enough the same man who wrote Bambi!)
Köttets poesi – Könslemmarna i svensk text från Stiernhielm till Almqvist (a collection of swedish erotica from 15th to 17th century)
Philosophy in the Bedroom (La Philosophie dans le boudoir), de Sade, 1795

All the books can be found in english except "Köttets poesi", some can even be found free om Project Gutenberg ( among other classic litterature.
Happy reading and don't judge a book by its cover. ;)

OhioGirl said...

@ Woebin - you're really on one of those covers? That is seriously cool!

In my defense, I didn't really have a problem with it, I just wasn't expecting it! Need a little time to get acclimatized, you know?

@ Stellan - cool, thanks, not sure I'm so acclimatized yet, but will expand my reading list someday I guess!!

Stellan said...

It's really interresthing tho', that what was shocking smut in the 16th century litterature, still is chocking but now counts as fine arts lit..
Same with paintings, all the beautiful versions of Leda and the swan or Europe and the bull now whom now is admired in museums was often budoire- paintings for rich people, to decorate the bedroom... Art is lovely! ;)

Woebin said...

@OhioGirl - That's fair, definitely. I love tales of culture shock, so coming across this blog is pretty fun to me.

But yeah, I really am on one of those covers - the upper left one, Juliette. I'm on three other books by the same publisher too, but they're not in this picture. If you see a cover with a redhead hanging from the ceiling sometime that's me though.

Also not totally related, but I notice the picture is in .bmp format. It may not matter much in these days of high bandwidth all around, but for future pictures you can reduce the size a lot by saving in .png format instead without losing quality.

Christopher said...

Haha! Victim and perpetrator reconciled;)

There reason the cars never got up the streets is the fact that the Old Town is older than the car based city. Having a street grid from the 16th century, the town is by far older than the age of mass motorisation, which in its turn didn't start until the 20'th century.