Friday, February 11, 2011

Stockholm the Series!!

So maybe because of no running or the weather or the fact that I swear we're going backwards and it's getting DARKER or maybe because of something else I don't really want to talk about yet, but the last couple days I've been kind of bluesy.  I don't mean smoking through a silver holder and singing about how my dog abandoned me  (I'm allergic) but just kind of... urgh.  Which I hate because usually I'm a really energetic and positive person!

So, I decided to treat myself to a reality TV marathon!!  I went crazy. I watched The Hills.  I watched The City.  The Rachel Zoe project (I started saying 'bananas' to myself in my head), Kell on Earth.  Jersey Shore.  ANTM, all 70 seasons.  Project Runway.  I mostly like the fashion ones because a million years ago, I was going to be a fashion gal myself (maybe that's why i'm so obsessed with the pants?) so I like seeing what my life might have been like.

Anyway, I started thinking how cool it would be to have a show like the Hills here.  Imagine Spencer in skinny jeans!  And everyone sits around in cafes and talks all day (as far as I can figure out) just like they do, and I understand from Eric that there's a great clubbing and music scene, so you could have characters that did that, and worked in fashion (some of the looks here are really out there which would be fun).  Did they do a Real World here?  I think maybe they did!  And people here are so kind of blunt and passionate that when drama happened it would be DRAMA!  Eric could be in it because he's hot (and I bet his love life would fill a whole series!!), and sometimes it would feature his favorite American client of course.

It would be cool!!  Come on Swedish TV people, make me a show like that!  Oh, and make it in English please ;-)

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Desiree said...

Ha ha I really have a hard time imagining Spencer in skinny jeans :-)
That would be something. But I would love to see it. I know they have done "Real World" shows here.
Take care.