Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Umm, so I don't exactly know when this blog went from being a 'hey I live in Sweden, here are some cool/weird things about it' to a daytime soap about my life, it's not exactly what I imagined when I started it!

But anyway.

Just to pretend that everything is normal, here's a weird/cool thing I've noticed about Sweden: they are obsessed with making the longest words in the universe by sticking about eight words together into one! 

The title of this post is the official longest word in the world.  It's in Swedish of course and means: Northern Baltic Sea Coast Artillery Reconnaissance Flight Simulator Construction Equipment Maintenance Monitoring systems Talk Posts Preparation Works.  So there!

But even in regular conversation people stick words together to make one.  Like this one: tvåbarnspappan.  It means 'Dad with two kids.'  Which is an entire sentence in one word!

Which really doesn't make looking stuff up in the dictionary (somehow I find the physical action of looking it up makes me learn it better than just clicking 'translate') easy, because you have to first separate the words out or otherwise you will never find it!  I guess that's also a good way to learn because it feels like a little triumph to just have figured out how many words and where they start and end, even if I don't know what any of them mean!

I learned my new favorite Swedish word today (yeah, yeah, 'he' taught it to me, more on that later!!): snuskhummer.

Which translates as "filthy lobster" (two words stuck together, see??) but means pervert or dirty old man.  Which cracks me up because it makes me think of a lobster going around pinching asses!

Note: don't look up 'snuskhummer' in google images unless you are a) alone or b) Swedish and cool with that stuff...


sapphire said...

BAHAHAHA!! A filthy lobster.

Now I have an image burned into my head with a Sebastian chasing mermaids.

Anonymous said...

You frack me up Ohio Girl!!