Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay, I admit that I am weak when it comes to gossip - I love it!  I've said that proudly before and I will say it again - I love gossip!!!!!!  And I think that celebrities should just chin up and take it as part of their job - you want to be famous and pampered and never worry about money?  WEll okay, but people are going to talk about you.  Deal with it, m'kay!!

But I am not a celebrity!  I write a silly little blog about my time in Sweden that REALLY isn't all that interesting and people treat me like I'm some crazy Hollywood person living a fascinating life!  I don't even understand what they find to talk about (I really don't go and read it all myself), can you let me know what is so interesting about my life because I'd sure like to know???!!!  I guess I can't stop people talking about me in other forums but can I just let you know it's weird for me???

I don't know if I should do anything.  Some people are advising me I should go to the forums and confront people who are spreading rumors about me (especially because maybe my ex will find out and use this stuff against me somehow) but I don't know - don't they say not to feed trolls?

It's just really not what I need at this difficult time for me.  Things are getting better for sure, but I am still vulnerable and just don't need bad energy even out there amongst crazies on the internet.  Is it because people are jealous that I get groceries in the same store as some Skarsgards?  Because I've got to tell you, IT'S JUST A STORE!  Buying milk is buying milk, people, it's not that interesting!!

Oh and the funniest thing?  Apparently Erik isn't real either!  He has a website for his personal training!  Look it up, idiots!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you really that surprised that the loonies who post/stalk the Skarsgard sites are trash talking you? That's all they do, trash talk people. Boring people with boring lives and boring, hateful things to say about others. Try not to take it personally. I can't see how anything some anonymous internet person would say could possibly affect your divorce. I don't blame you for being annoyed but really, maybe the best solution is to start a different blog and not link it to your signature when you post to gossip sites. Easy solution. Sorry this is getting you down.

*And yes I know that not *all* people who read/post on those sites are boring/hateful...but the ones who are, are really really really nasty pieces of work. And they spoil it for everyone.

OhioGirl said...
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Anonymous said...

What's his last name? I googled Erik and personal trainer and nothing came up?

OhioGirl said...

@ Anonymous 1 - Thanks for your support, and I know you're right that it couldn't really affect my divorce (though I don't trust my ex as far as I could throw him) I just get a little paranoid sometimes! I'm not going to hide away - let 'em trash talk!! I guess that's what jealousy looks like...