Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Signs you know your husband knows he's in the doghouse:

You're going for a walk (maybe venturing out to procure a little Dill chip action, maybe not) when you see a really familiar figure who's not usually in your neighborhood this early in the evening.

Then you see him walk to the flower tent thingy in Medborgarplatsen that always amazes me they manage to keep any flowers alive in this weather.  You see him walk in and you can't follow him cause it's a pretty little tent so you hang outside Södra Haller... thingy... and just watch to see what happens.  And he comes out with the most beautiful bunch of wildflowers (which just so happen to be your favorite) that even though it's 5pm in Sweden in the winter the whole world suddenly seems bright and sunny.

You dive back out the way (feeling kind of like a spy in a bad 60s cold war movie) and watch as he goes into the market with all the gorgeous stalls of fancy food.   Of course you creep in after him, now also looking like the spy in a bad 60s cold war movie, and wishing you had a trench coat and trilby even though you'd freeze your ass off in a trench coat and trilby.

He buys lobster (love!) and fancy chocolate (love! love!).  And wine from the crazy Swedish liquor store why you buy it from the government or something.  And somehow the way he holds the flowers really carefully as he adds packages to his load just makes your heart really melt because it reminds you of how he holds you sometimes, and maybe he's thinking the same thing.

Then you realize he's about to leave and you have to fly like the wind (if the wind skidded on ice and swooshed about two meters and nearly toppled down the concrete steps and broke its ass but just caught itself in time) so as to beat him home and wait to be spoiled!!

Maybe Valentines is on 23 Feb this year....

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Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, hello! Oh, you are so witty in your writing. Love it! I hope you had a great post Valentine's celebration with your sweetie. :)