Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What the... ?!

So just as I'm all happy and announcing this as my home, the Swedes go and piss me off!!  What's that about?  I was being nice!!

I hear a lot about how they have a reputation for being rude and unfriendly and freakishly reserved and in to themselves (how do you tell an extrovert Swede?  He's the one staring at someone else's shoes), and usually I don't really agree.  Well I mean, they're not always the most friendly outgoing people, but I really respect people's right to be different and live life how they chose, you know?  If you don't want to say have a nice day to me, that's just fine.  I'll just say it to you and if you look like an a-hole for not hoping I have a nice day back, then I can't really help you there. 

But then today, I took the subway into the city to do a little shopping, and I was standing on the platform waiting for the train minding my own business, and this HUGE guy came right up to me and stood about an inch and a half away from me.  And I was like, wtf?  It was intimidating, he literally was about twice the size of me and he's just standing there, not even looking at me or anything.  After about three hours I finally figured out that he wanted to get past me.

WTF?  Who just stands there like some socially retarded moron instead of just saying "excuse me?".  What is so wrong and scary about saying "excuse me?".  I would have happily gotten out of his way, I have no reason to stop him in his clearly important journey to further up the platform, so it wouldn't have been a problem for me.  But just standing there, intimidating me as a petite woman, expecting me to read his mind.  What's that about Sweden?  So I didn't get out of his way.  Sorry, but if you want something from me, you gotta ask.  Nicely.  Then you get it.  Not before.

Have a nice day everyone!

The reason...

... I haven't been blogging in a while is because I went to the US for a little bit.  Can't post about life in Södermalm when I wasn't there, right?

I went for reasons I might or might not talk about someday, and some sh*t went down that I might or might not talk about someday.  So that's informative, I know.  But I just need a little time to digest, because I really don't understand people who just exist to hate and be negative, I mean, why?  Just why? 

Anyway, back "home" in Stockholm, and it really does feel like home.  I felt good getting off the plane, actually better than the first time back in winter (partly because it wasn't minus a million degrees, maybe!!) but also because it was my choice this time, I wasn't being dragged along like some pretty little obedient wife. 

Maybe my little "brief encounter" (I wish!!!!!!) on Sunday was my reward for being so brave and taking control of my life again, maybe?!

Monday, May 30, 2011

I'd know those lips anywhere

That's all I had to see really, and I knew.  I was chatting later with my friend and I said he was wearing a hat and sunglasses and she was like, so how could you possibly know for sure it was him?  Your always going on about how every guy here is tall and looks kind of like him so probably it was one of those guys and you are just freaking out as usual.  But I knew.

Because what was partly so weird is that I felt like I saw someone I knew on the street.  Not something that happens here a whole lot, on account of not knowing so many people.  So for the first maybe seven seconds that I could actually see him my brain WASTED TIME going, oh hey, that's... that guy I know!  Hi!  Wait... oh crap... I don't know him, don't wave, don't say hi, just... oh hell he's gone.

I didn't take a picture, mostly because I was inside a cafe and he was on the street outside and I just looked up and he was in the window, framed like on a stage just for me.  I would've had to scrabble in my bag for my phone, leave my lunch on the table and race outside and given that his one footstep covers about half a block would have had to run half a marathon to catch him up by that point, and we all know I own the fangirl thing, but that's a step too far even for me.  Plus, I was hungry.

So I just saw him, for a second, through a window, but that was enough.  I don't want to be his friend and maybe even talking to him would have ruined things, what if he was impatient or annoyed that some random American wanted his time when he was actually on a break from America and I just couldn't get over that?   Seeing him with my own two eyes is just okay.

His lips are even more sensual in real life.  Just needed to add that.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

A square in my shoes...

Medborgarplatsen on a sunny afternoon...

(or, another stupid little video for you!)

Sorry I've been slack on updates lately, just been feeling lazy and meh and whatever about stuff.  But nobody keeps OhioGirl down for long, so I will be back with a vengeance soon!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The List - Melodifesten theme!

If I've understood correctly, I can't vote for Sweden from Sweden anyway, but if I could I think I would be torn between Sweden and the UK:

So I guess jolly old England it is!!

It's all about the music, after all... right?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring come back! Was it me? Did I say something?!!!!

So after 2+ weeks of beautifulness, winter freaking decided to show it's face again.

And of course it decided to jump up and be like "hi, remember me?  Here's a little snow to remind you." just when I finally booked a session with the Tall One.  When I called him last week he was really booked up, so it took us till yesterday to arrange a session, which I am really trying not to take personally.  I mean, he's a busy guy and a in demand trainer, I get that, but I guess I thought that maybe after everything I was a little bit more than just another client, you know?  But maybe he was just playing cool - I was the one that disappeared on him, so I guess he has to protect himself.

Anyway, we booked for yesterday morning and he showed up at my apartment at 8am and off we went... and almost right away it started to snow.  The day before we had a teensy bit of what was more like really cold rain for a few minutes, but kind of not really, so I figured it was more of the same.  But as we ran it got heavier.  And even coated the street a little bit (most of it melted as soon as it landed, but not all).  But neither of us said anything. 

We just ran, in silence, me with my heart and lungs just about to explode all over the street and trying really hard not to puke because that would most definitely send him mixed signals.  And neither of us mentioning the fact that we were running through a blizzard in May.

Then we got back to the apartment, and arranged another session for Friday and he said bye and jogged off in the snow.  And almost as soon as he went, the snow stopped.  Now I'm not gonna pretend that the sun came right out and it was springtime again, but, there was no more snow. 

What does that mean?  Is it a sign that Erik is part of my winter and I should move on even though I paid him (with HIS money so it's not like it matters).  Or is there just freaky weather in Stockholm and I'm being a nutjob.