Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Handy tip for if you want to keep your good mood going:

Don't put freaking filmmjolk in the cup of coffee you've been looking forward to for about a year.

It does not make you happy to be in Sweden.


Speaking of... dill flavored chips.  What the what is that about?  Not dill pickle flavor, but dill.  The herb.  What's next - parsley flavored chips? 


Kalas Lotta said...

haha don´t judge the dill chips before you´ve tried...I miss them so so much!!!! Send me the bag if you dont like them.

Kalas Lotta said...

...and by the way. Aren´t you from the country who came up with this:


really, Turkey gravy soda?


OhioGirl said...

Deal! I was a pitcher in elementary school, so if you look east right now there is a pack flying at you...

Umm, yeah okay. But in my defense I never tried turkey gravy soda, and I don't think I'm going to!

Kalas Lotta said...

Got it! Thanx

Ulrika said...

Just loooove dill chips! Try them, yum yum!

OhioGirl said...

Okay you guys have persuaded me. Going out to get some and try them this afternoon. If they are as gross as I think, I am coming after you both!