Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Update:  I no longer think that Eric has a girlfriend, but I think that Girl Who Thinks She's Prettier Than She Is (need to come up witha  better name for her, it'll get old typing all that soon!!) is SERIOUSLY applying for the job. 

We ran into her today again on the street (LIKE she just happened to be there!), and he asked me if it was okay to stop to say hi because it was my training session after all (he is so professional), so of course I said sure because I wanted to see what would happen.  This time, it was obvious I was with him so he introduced me and she said 'hi' about as quickly as a human could ever say that word and gave me this look that would freeze lava.  He introduced me in English because HE is thoughtful like that, and right away she started talking to him in Swedish.  It's not like I cared what they were talking about or anything, but it was kind of rude and I could tell that he was uncomfortable.  Because I've started to learn Swedish I could actually figure out a few words, because once you know how they pronounce things a lot of words are quite similar.  Though I kind of hope I am wrong because I heard them say something like "titta" a bunch of times and I really hope they weren't talking about tits right in the street in the morning because that would be just nasty.

Anyway, what was really interesting about it all was the body language.  I'm really sensitive to things like that because I think you can tell a LOT about how people feel by how they are standing.  And Eric was TENSE.  Big time.  Like I've said, he's super tall and usually when he speaks to me he leans down so that he can hear what I'm saying or whatever, but he was standing really tall like there was a broomstick up his butt or something, so she practically had to leap up and down on a pogo stick to get anywhere near him.  I may be an old married lady, but even I know that if you have to leap up and down on a pogo stick to get anywhere near a guy, it's time to cut your losses.

However.  I found this really neat blog that was talking all about dating Swedish guys and it said that they are really not affectionate and keep their feelings really hidden deep inside.  So maybe that's what was going on?  I wish I could have taken a picture so I could get some feedback on what was really happening, but I think it would have seemed a little bit weird to them.  Either he hates her and wishes she would fall off a cliff, or he's just Swedish - who knows!


Jessica said...

Hi again!

I do hear Swedes can be quite reserved, but from my experience living with my Swedish boyfriend/sambo, he is quite affectionate! Well when he wants to be. I guess everyone is just different.

Also, not to be a know it all or anything, but "titta" means to look or watch, so maybe they were talking about a tv show or movie??

Just had to put in my two cents, haha. Hope all is well!

Taina said...

Hahahaha! I love your blog! And as Jessica said, perhaps they were just chatting about a boring TV-show cuz that's the only thing they have in common...

Taina in CT

carolina said...

Found your blog today and i have to say i love it..=)

Välkommen till Sverige (welcome to Sweden)

Carolina a Swede in Toronto.

Kalas Lotta said...

See that some of my blog friends found this fab place!

Its hysterical reading about your PT and his gal or what ever she is.

I think they are flirting, he stands tall because he wants to look powerful...haha

OhioGirl said...

Thanks ladies! I'm gonna see if I can bring the subject up with him tomorrow, not because I care obviously, but just to satisfy my damn curiosity. My money is on she's interested he's not so sure.

Definitely like the idea they were talking about a TV show rather than 'girls' - that freaked me out!