Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm not cruel enough to post her email address here...

But it's basically her blog name @ server.  No question the same person:

       Hej [my soon to be ex husband],

Riktigt trevligt att träffa dig härom kvällen. Jag har alltid varit ett stort fan av London Fashion, skulle så gärna komma om erbjudandet fortfarande är öppet - så låt mig veta detaljer!

Hej igen,

Jag undrar vad som händer kring London, eftersom jag skulle behöva boka om i veckan om det blir aktuellt. Jag förstår om det inte blir av, var inte orolig, ville bara inte missa om möjligheten finns.


I think taking a trip to London together justifies kicking him out, no?  He could have taken me to London, but I guess I'm not as hot or [unfeminist thoughts I'm allowed to think because of what I'm going through but won't post] as her.

Moving on feels good.  I boxed up all his stuff and sent it c/o his office which will make him ma-ad because I'm not even supposed to call him there because he likes to keep private life out of work.  Crap, I just realised what that really meant as I typed it.  Deep breath.

It's over.  I've been ostriching too long.  I can't explain why I came here with him when I knew deep down - you always realize you knew after, right? - maybe I came for me.  I think maybe I did.

Single in Sweden.

How many hours until my session with Eric tomorrow???


Anonymous said...

I agree with Erik. You deserve better! Take care.

You Know said...

I don't understand the gobbyldygook you posted but come on, you knew? Yeah right. Your saying now you know about everything? Please.

OhioGirl said...

What. Are. You. Talking. About?

Actually don't tell me, just go away and leave us alone. This is a friendly, fun blog okay?

And that gobbyldygook is Swedish. Have some respect.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little slow here... Are the emails from the girl at the other blog?

I totally get what you are saying, so ignore the haters. You have been hinting at something for the past couple weeks and it was confirmed. So it's almost like your head knows, but your heart doesn't want to.

Sorry I'm babbling.

I am still curious though...the lobster, flowers and chocolate wasn't for you? I would have had to hit him where it counts for doing that. But you're better than that ;-)

Take care and post a piccie of Eric soon.


You Know said...

Oh come on you really think anyone believes you are so innocent? Sure whatever!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your predicament, and perhaps you have other evidence, but I have to say those are two of the most unromantic emails I have read between 2 people supposedly having an affair.

I've gotten more affectionate emails from my colleagues than that.

Anne said...

Truly sucky...I'm sorry about your situation! How long do you think you'll stay in Sweden?

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment the other day, but you removed it. I'm not sure why, as it wasn't as controversial as some of the ones you're leaving up. My only point was that I hoped you are 100000% sure that your suspicions are truly accurate, and that you aren't leaving your marriage due to being insecure and lonely in a foreign city. Throwing your husband out and changing the locks and sending him his things to his place of employment sounds really extreme, unless you are certain that he's running around on you. Think of how you'd feel if he did that, and you were innocent. Just sayin'. Good luck with things.

OhioGirl said...

@ Anonymous - Huh that's weird, I never removed any comments? If it was anonymous I don't know which one you mean but sorry if I deleted it by mistake though I don't know how... I keep up all comments because I believe in honesty, I might disagree with what people say but I wouldn't hide it - if I don't remove the troll "You Know" I definitely won't remove you!

But yeah I am sure. I'm too classy to post all the evidence (some of it you don't want to see) so I compromised with posting a little bit.

Although that's interesting what Other Anonymous says because of course I can't really tell how they sound in Swedish, just that they're talking about taking a trip together (which is enough on its own for me - don't know the last time he took ME on a trip!)

@ Anne - thank you! I really don't know - maybe Sweden is my new life in a different way?! I don't know!!

OhioGirl said...

@ First Anonymous (could you guys make up names so I can keep you straight?!) Yeah you got it. I sat and waited for him and he came home (practically in the middle of the night) with nothing and I sort of wanted to not admit that (I don't know how/why I made up the bit about the lobster out the fridge - I mean, ???) but I guess if I'm being honest here I have to be all the way honest.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous - if they are having an affair it must be the most boring one in history. Those emails sound about as affectionate as when applying for a job. Just so you know.

OhioGirl said...

Anonymous agrees with Anonymous ;-) But these were just the first emails I guess after the first time they met... I think it started because she thought he could get her somewhere and then I don't know. She's blogging about meeting some producer she met through her (other?) boyfriend, so she's not above using personal connections. Classy.

OhioGirl said...

One of the Anonymouses: I figured it out - a comment was picked up by the spam filter, no idea why!