Sunday, March 27, 2011


So I haven't been posting much about the D I V O R C E because not a whole lot is happening.  My lawyer is talking to his lawyer and I'm mostly trying not to think about it.  Because it's damn sad and sucky and horrible and, like I keep saying, I'm all about being positive.  I had to take a stand against stuff I just wasn't going to put up with but still.  I married the guy for life at least I thought I did.  But anyway, he wasn't who I thought he was so I guess I married somebody for life who doesn't exist.

You know what I always wondered about this song?  Why she spells the kid's name out.  I mean, he probably knows his own name.


Amanda said...

Are you staying in Sweden after the divorce? How does that work, do you have a recidency permit even if you're not married to someone who has a job here?

OhioGirl said...

My lawyer can explain it better than me! It's temporary for now, especially as we're not divorced yet, but he assures me I'm good for now. what will happen after the divorce I don't really know yet, but for now I'm not budging!

Viajera said...

Jeez, hope things turned out the way you wanted them, esp. since you have a lawyer. Big hugs, cuz I can soooo relate to this experience.