Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So.  Still here, still living.  Stuff happening.

I talked to a lawyer my family know well from back home, who gave me so much advice I felt like my head was going to explode.  I seriously have Sunday-night-when-you-haven't-done-your-homework-yet feeling about all of this, you know!  I'm like, stop telling me about horrible stuff I have to take care of, just let me play and have fun!  I want to go to the beach!  Waah, leave me alone!  But that's the attitude that sent me to summer school for three years running so I guess I have to woman up and deal with it all.

I totally know what everybody is saying about making sure I get what's mine, but I am just so pissed at his attitude that I'm this Real Housewives type golddigger and he has to protect everything he ever worked for from me - ME?!  You know?  So I have this feeling like, I don't need you or your money or your assets, just go rattle around in it all by yourself because I'm so much better than that.  I still get little ragy stabby waves whirling up when I think about that lawyer ambush - what did I ever do to deserve that?  Did I ever sound, in this blog, like I just wanted to spend his crappy cash and sit around eating bonbons all day?  Seriously, tell me!

So anyway.  That's how I feel even though I know it's not smart so I'm in this little fight with myself right now.  I really don't know whose going to win, but I guess one way or another it'll be me!


Anonymous said...

Don't let his sucky attitude piss you off to the point that you don't get your fair share of what's yours - whatever that turns out to be, legally. The attitude is a tactic to just make you go away. If you go quietly, he wins. If you maintain your dignity and demand what's rightfully yours (not what's yours plus what's his...that would be vindictive), then at least you'll be in the position of not letting the marriage make you suffer financially in future years. You'll already have enough to deal with emotionally; don't add financial troubles to your burden, if you can help it.

Good luck with things.

Anonymous said...

Do not listen to your soon to be ex. Listen to the lawyer your family knows AND do what the lawyer recommends you to do. Trust me when I say that no matter how you feel now you will feel different about everything in the future. Different in a better way the more you listen to your lawyer. Take care and let the lawyer talk to your ex. Refer all calls, letters or emails to your lawyer. That is the best way to get through this in one piece.
And take care!

Zola24 said...

Totally agree with both the above.
Yes, let your lawyer take the strain and you will get through this without getting sucked into the mire.
Hey, it is so obvious from your blog that you are not a 'gold-digger", you are way better than that. Stay strong and you will get through this - no surrendering ok.
lv & xx's

Anonymous said...

hang strong! the other commenters are right. you deserve whatever the law in the US and/or Sweden says you should get in a divorce and you must be entitled to something more or else your bad ex would not want to pressure you into signing a document. plus, if you want to stay in Sweden for awhile and are in the country due to your ex-husband's job, you will need to have your own visa worked out or else his work visa won't extend to you. hire the lawyer recommended by your family to take care of this but don't completely give up on knowing the details.