Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On Prudery and Nudity

So, a while back I posted about running across a display of erotic books in Gamla Stan and getting kind of a fright.  Since then, it feels like it's been read and linked to and pretty much made fun of (mostly in a nice way!) by just about every online Swede there is!

Can I just explain first that I wasn't criticizing, only saying what my experience is?  It was my second week or something and I hadn't gotten used to how chill Swedes are about certain parts of life.  I don't think it's a bad thing that they are at all, but I'm not there yet.  I go red and snicker like a sixth grader and run away and hey, maybe if I was more open and chill my husband wouldn't have left me but I guess it's too late!!!  (yeah, yeah Bitter Party of One, just give me a couple days to be angry, K???)

I think it's cool that families (I'm told) wander round naked together at the weekend or sauna together or whatever. I don't think I'll be joining in any time soon, mostly because I have good old fashioned American body hatred and if I had the money I'd get a surgeon to just melt me down and pour me into a mould made from Elle Macpherson (am pretty sure we have similar body mass, just pulled in different directions, mine more horizontally...), but that's my issue and I think it's awesome that people here don't have it.

But can I just say that these book covers weren't just chill nakedness.  There were poses.  Legs pointing in directions.  Fingers in places.  Which, okay, is part of life too, I'm just saying I probably wouldn't walk a little kid down that particular street.

Partly at least because I don't know any little kids here so it would be weird.

But also because I don't know if I want them to see that stuff yet?  And before anyone pipes up with the whole sex/violence thing, just because my culture is okay with video games with car crashes etc doesn't mean I am.  I wouldn't let this fictitious little kid play those games either.  Partly at least because the controls would fall through his imaginary fingers.

So anyway.  I just felt like I wanted to explain.

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