Saturday, March 26, 2011

The guy

Don't panic every body, I haven't gone crazy!

I just went to check out an open mike night with a friend, and one of the artists there blew me away and maybe I got a little hot and bothered for a minute!  But seriously, it was about the music.  And rock music is all about the s-e-x, amiright?  So they are closely interlinked and I don't deny having a little moment, but mostly I just thought wow - I've seen a new stadium star.  And that really excites me, you know?   As a real music fan, actually being present at the birth of an artist that is going to dominate the world  (uhh, not his actual birth, that would be weird and I imagine his mom wouldn't appreciate a random American popping into the hospital and being like 'hey!  big fan!  mind if I watch?).  This guy has more passion and talent in his little finger that most of who I see on MTV these days and I am super psyched that I'm getting to be there at the beginning.

Already searching for more deets on who this guy is and where he's playing next, so keep posted!!


Anonymous said...

What artist is it? I live in Stockholm and would love to know!

OhioGirl said...

I will find out more and let you know... !