Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Old Days and Gossip

Workout session canceled today, so been getting organized in the apartment and going through old photos and stuff.  Seems like I didn't distract anybody with my story of one first kiss so to sneak in news of another, but something happened yesterday on a fan board I hang out at sometimes that reminded me of those days a little bit.

I wasn't really ever a groupie in the Almost Famous/I'm With the Band sense, not really.  Maybe I had a chance to be or almost was at some points during that time, but I was happy just dipping my toe in (in the metaphor sense, not being TMI ;-) ) from time to time.  I like creative people who live outside the box a little bit (why I married who I did is a mystery then, guy practically built the box, but whatever) so when I hung out with rockstars it was because I was genuinely interested in and attracted to them as people, not like some groupies that see the whole thing as just competition with other women or sometimes imagine that it's some kind of vocation or career choice - please!  I was never about married guys or guys with long term girlfriends, but if a musician was single and fun to hang out with - why the H not??

That wasn't what I was going to talk about.  I was going to talk about the fans.  I never dated or got to really know anyone super duper famous, but some that had some fans who posted about them or the band.  I like to hang out on fan boards sometimes too because I'm an insatiable gossip, so I have kind of experienced that whole phenomenon from both sides.  And what I learned, is a) weird shit happens, weirder than most people could even think up, but at the same time, b) most stuff is way more boring than fans speculate.  Which is kind of completely contradictory, but still true. 

It cracks me up when people insist their take is true, because there is no way they have any clue so mostly, everyone's guess is as good as everyone else's.  I read stuff about me (not that I was somebody anyone would know my name, just 'blonde getting in the car with XXX' or whatever) and it was so far off the truth it would be hilarious, and other times they'd happen to get it dead on and it was freaky.

The whole fun of being a fan and gossiping is that you can speculate and have opinions and none of it really matters because you'll never know what's true and more importantly, the only people you can hurt by your opinions (as opposed to if you hate the relationship a friend is in or something) are crazies who go off the wall when somebody doesn't agree with them.  And let's face it, those crazies will find someone to be offended by!

Celebrity gossip is my little 'thing'.  Sometimes I follow stories about celebrities I don't really care about just because there's something intriguingly 'off' about the story (Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger, really?) or how it's presented (because trust me, it's all being presented in one way or another), and sometimes it's someone I really like and I kind of know I'm getting overinvested but then I think 'meh, it'll pass'. 

On Coopweger, is it just me, or does anyone else just not buy the hand/finger in the back pocket thing?  It's such an unnatural gesture, I don't know anyone in real life who does it!

Sometimes it drives me crazy that I'll never know the truth of some stories, and sometimes that's the fun of it. 

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Shrl said...

Yea I agree following celebs can be fun but also boring,depending on who it is, as after all they are just people like us.
The hand thing in the pocket says to me - thats my guy - hands off - but i'm too lazy to actually hold hands with him!
Keep posting - you're fun to follow!