Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stuff I Need to Learn!

So I started thinking about the whole Is Eric Flirting With That Girl Or Not hoo-hah and started to get nervous about the whole I Guess I'm Single in Sweden hoo-hah.

People here are super reserved (and I'm NOT saying that's a terrible thing, just an observation!!) and I just can't imagine somebody just coming up to somebody (such as me) and asking them out - how does it work?  Are there some secret body language skills?  Or do people really subtly pass notes or something?!

Actually that would be kind of cool.  Imagine sitting having a coffee (or a varm choklad med grädde, loving those!) and suddenly some guy (such as Eric) comes up with a little note written on a post-it that says 'do you like me - check for 'yes' 'no' 'I wish you would die' '.  Cute!

Except, knowing me, I wouldn't have a pen so I'd have to go up to the bar and ask them if I could borrow one and they might ask why and the whole time Eric (just for example) would be standing there waiting for a reply and I think maybe he's a blusher which would just make me melt but then I'd be all like 'can't we just talk to each other like regular people?!' which might make him blush more and I'd feel terrible!

So I think maybe I need some lessons.  I'm signed up for language lessons that start in a couple of weeks, think they have a Being Picked Up in Sweden class??

I found this: http://lostinstockholm.com/2007/10/10/dating-in-swedenwe-americans-need-a-guide/ Any more tips?!?!?!?!?!!?

Not that I'm going to start dating right away, I know I need to let this all settle down and heal, it just helps to think about the time when I'm going to be ready, you know?  And I know I'm imagining this awesome Carrie-in-Sex-and-the-City-except-the-city-is-Stockholm-and-with-a-little-bit-more-regular-clothes life that maybe won't be real, but it feels good to feel like it could be.  And who knows?  Maybe it could...

Oh and without the smoking.  Not that I actually have a big problem with it, because stinky terrible for you yeah yeah yeah... it looks cool it just does don't deny it!! but I can't smoke.  Like, literally can't.  I tried all through my teenage years and some of my twenties and I just go green and start hacking away like an old man.  Which, I get, is why you shouldn't smoke.  But a little part of me thinks if I was cool enough I'd be able to.

If there are any kids reading this, 1) this is an adult blog, go bebo or something and 2) that whole paragraph above is a lie.


Helena said...

Just a question; Are you really staying in Sweden after all this? Hope everything works out well for you.

//Helena a Swede in Boston.

OhioGirl said...

I really don't know! But right now I think maybe...

For a while anyway.

Thank you - I hope so too!!

Susie said...

Weirdly I know what you mean about smoking! I tried when I was younger (and stupider) too and was mad when I couldn't pull it off! Glad now, but funny to read somebody else who secretly(ish) thinks it looks cool!

Good luck with your new life - you sound really brave and I bet it will be at least as fun and exciting as Carrie's!!

OhioGirl said...

Thank you so much!!

I don't think I could pull off huge flowers in my hair, and would be pretty chilly if I wore see through tops, but maybe the other bits of her life!!

Ulrika said...

Lol I tried smoking too when I was young and failed miserable. Now I'm really glad I did, can you imagine the wrinkles you get around your mouth! Yuck!
...and of course cancer and all that as well.