Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So you know I was asking how you go about dating in Sweden?  And kind of wondering how you would know if a Swedish man liked you?

If he smiles and blushes (I was right!!) like a schoolboy when you open the door?

Almost seems like he's going to hug you but he's never done that before because after all you have a professional relationship so he kind of swoops down and back up again and nearly hits his head on your coat rack in the most adorkable way possible?

Jogs really slowly (practically Chariots of Fire) so that you can easily keep up and you're jogging right in time with each other even though his legs are about three feet longer and suddenly it feels like you're breathing in time with each other and you had no idea that jogging through a dull day with muddy snow and dog pee could be so hot?

Stands aside to let you go up some stairs first and kind of holds his arm out and as you pass his fingers brush your arm like by accident but really not?

After the run stands outside your apartment building in the freezing cold for about six hours telling you some really random story about how some lesbian lady brought coffee with her to have an affair in your neighbourhood about 100 years ago and you have no clue what he is talking about but he is so animated and sweet you are just mesmerized?

Really suddenly leans down to hug you, close.

And whispers stuff.

That you STUPIDLY kind of pretend you didn't really catch/understand because you're just not sure, not yet, so run into the building so fast you just about knock yourself out on a mailbox and if this ever ever does happen you guys are going to need to be careful because you seem to have a really high risk of concussion around each other?

Does that mean a Swedish guy likes you?


Anonymous said...

Sorry hard to tell. Hugs in Sweden are never a given sign that he is interested in a relationship. We hug around with friends, colleagues, managers etc

OhioGirl said...

Not even with the other stuff too?

Ulrika said...

They are all good signs. I think he's really really into you! It's been obvious for a long time. :)

OhioGirl said...

Thanks!! Yay! I kind of thought so too, but was scared to really think so? When you've been burned like I have by old what's his face, it's hard to think anyone else could be into you, you know? But yeah, I think they're good signs too... :-)

Anonymous said...

I would say that Eric is definately interested in you. Hope it turns out just the way you want it to!

BB13 said...

I'm to 70% sure he's into you. Which would be great if he really looks the way you described him. You need some Swedish cutie pie now. Good luck!

OhioGirl said...

I'll take 70% for now though I like "definitely" better... ;-)

I feel like a 13 year old with a crush waiting for our next session on Friday!! Damn, why didn't I book to work out every day?!