Monday, March 21, 2011

The people asked...

Okay, one commenter asked, but maybe other people wondered!


Man, I don't know.  There is something there, we both know it and sometimes it really flickers to life but then he goes weird or I realize this is more than I can handle so it kind of dwindles down until we see each other the next time and it's like, damn.  You are hot.

Imagine in sweats and kind of longer, messier hair and even more adorkable because he's not a hot actor who has to know how hot he is, but a real regular Södermalm guy who really doesn't seem to have any clue.
I'm getting the impression that he has those regular hot guy issues with women/commitment, and doesn't really know if he's coming or going, so it's not that he doesn't like me (that's clear enough) but it might come down to me not really having the patience to deal with this kind of adolescent shit.  Maybe it's a Swedish thing or just a dating thing and it's been so long I've forgotten, but I'm just like, can we be grown ups here a little bit?

So it's not not happening, but it's up in the air how much it's happening.

Clear?  Good.  Could somebody explain it to me, please?


BB13 said...

Sooo ... you're saying you both just see each other for work out? Or is there more and he just doesn't wanna really commit? Maybe he has this struggle because he knows you're right in between the old and some new and doesn't know if he can trust you or if he's just the rebound guy.
I mean you will understand that he, of course, doesn't want to have his heart broken. Guys are just not good at expressing their feelings.
I think maybe you should make a statement about how you feel to make it clearer for him. I'm not talking about saying 'I love you' or stuff like that but saying that you enjoy seeing him and spending time with him. This way he knows how you feel and can make up his own mind.
If I picked that up right there's not such a dating system as in the US. Either way they're dating one woman (and this is kinda serious then) or they're just having female friends. Maybe he's thinking about actually dating you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Not knowing you or Eric well enough but speaking more in general there is an old truth I know you know. Men want what they cant have. Works for all ages and nationalities. if he wants you. let him work for it. (It works in Sweden as well:)

Zola24 said...

Hey, just go with the flow.
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

ok so i am totally loving your blog (i know my comment is sooo not gonna be relevant to your post)!!! im living in ohio currently and will be following my heart to norway july 1st! crazy! maybe u can help me through the craziness!

i hope u have a good week girl!

<3 megan
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OhioGirl said...

@ Megan, wow good luck! Don't know if I'd recommend *my* experience exactly though... !

Thanks ladies - going with the flow and making him do the work is the name of the game.

Not sure if I'm ready to make a declaration yet... guess when/if the not knowing becomes worse than the possible knowing...