Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Unfortunately my "friend" doesn't remember the Rockstar - men!  He calls himself a music fan!  So I need to do a little detectiving to find out more... he's got to be playing again soon, I definitely need to check him out!

His music is kind of bluesy dance rock, like more Rolling Stones than Oasis, you know - really smart and driving and S E X Y.  The kind of music you'd play if you wanted to seduce somebody on a sweaty summer's night and never learn their name... you know that kind of music?

I can't even believe I just posted that !  *blushing*

I can't even remember exactly what he looks like, I just remember this mass of charisma on this tiny stage in a crappy underground bar.

Think I might a walk by that bar and see if the staff know anything... that's not too crazy... right???

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Zola24 said...

Yes, you are totally crazieeeee. Go for it. What have you got to lose? Live for the day. If it should lead to wild casual sex - enjoy. Don't over-invest and move on. Leave him wanting more.

Your 'friend' knows exactly who you were talking about. Won't hurt him either.

Have fun.

PS: Loved your previous remarks about Spring. It's also my favourite time of year when everything seems so clean, new and full of life. In Spring anything is possible.
I know you still have to deal with the lawyer's letters but you seem to be in a good place so do just the necessary and then get out in that sunshine. You are going to be just fine.