Saturday, March 19, 2011

Coopweger split... called it!

Hah!  Not to be smug and cynical about love (who me?) I can't help but remember just last week I mentioned I never bought Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger.  Just something always a little bit "off" about the whole thing when they first came out - remember the Spain trip which was the premiere of The Hangover there, but she kind of tagged along and they were "caught" having breakfast?

I mean come on!  his hair is even "just got out of bed with this woman I'm now having breakfast with mussed" - could it be any more staged?  Who doesn't brush their hair before going down to  breakfast in a hotel!

And how tall is the paparazzi who took this photo?  Or did he bring a ladder?  How did they not notice the dude on the ladder?

And then there was the finger in the back pocket shot I talked about before which, I'm telling you, is a dead giveaway!  Neither person gets anything out of a touch like that, it's all about telegraphing to the world 'hey I get to touch this person's butt, what does that tell you.... huh? ... huh??'  Couples do that in high school, because dating in high school is more about letting everyone know you're dating this person, rather than just really wanting to touch the fabric of their jeans because pockets are so hot.

 And then remember the whole PR blast about him "choosing" Jennifer Aniston and her heart being broken, and it was like 'please'?

Well hey Mr Pap - we didn't see you there!
But after a pap fest of them being "caught" together but never exactly hand holdy obvious couply, it all went quiet for like a year and I started to think maybe I was wrong.  Maybe it was just weird how they got together but if they're just quietly hanging out together ever since then maybe it got real or maybe it seemed weird but it wasn't really.  Like these pictures when they were just wandering around (Vancouver?  Maybe) together, not being weird about not being in the same frame together, just being low-key and normal, it was like... okay they hang out like regular people.  Maybe he really did break Jennifer Aniston's heart and they find jeans pockets hot.

Until they "broke up".

The same week as his movie comes out.

And claimed that there had been break up rumors for weeks.  Except there hasn't.  Not saying I'm a serious gossip addict or anything, but if there were break up rumors anywhere, I'd have seen them.  If anything, the rumors have been that they're serious enough to finally come out.  Not been one whisper about them breaking up other than People last night claiming that there have been whispers.

So anyway.  Just saying...

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I think maybe you thought about this way too much!!