Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After the events of this afternoon I was a leeeeetle wee bit afraid this was who I had become.  But then I found this:

Phew.  Am waaaaaay older than the defined age range, and also the Rockstar is a real person who exists.  And I'm not exactly known for shrieking, like a bat or even not like a bad.  So we're good.

Could somebody tell the staff at the bar that please?  *cringing*

Like I said before, I am a music fan first and foremost.  I don't want to run after this guy shrieking, I could give a you-know-what who he's dating or maybe dating or what he eats for breakfast or what color his underwear is, seriously.  But I would kind of like to know his name! 

So I went to the bar where we saw the open mike night.  It was one of those shadowy areas of Södermalm where I can believe what Erik tells me about it being scummy not so long ago.  It gets kind of narrow and steep so there's no open spaces to see much more than a block in front of you, and there's goth kids smoking in doorways (you can so see how the character Salander was supposed to grow up here) and you wouldn't be all that surprised if a vampire was around or something.   Anyway.

I found the bar again all by myself (*high fives self* *realize look like crazy person... clapping*), and even though it wasn't properly open yet because it was still afternoon, but they were getting a delivery of beer or something, so the doors were open.  So I just popped in to have a little look-see.

I thought maybe there would be a poster or something so I'd recognize the guy, get the info I needed and be on my merry way.  But of course there wasn't!  So I slip down these rickety stairs (guess people don't sue for health and safety stuff too much in places like t his!!) and find myself in this little dark, not literally smoky but has that feel, bar. 

It was light out of course because it was day so didn't have quite the atmosphere and you could see it was little dingier than I remembered, but still... I got a little frisson of excitement.  Because I knew he'd been here.


ELL said...

Sriously, where IS this place?
Because I'm from this town and if there's an entire area in Södermalm where there are deep alleys and gothkids smoking in the doorwyas I sure as hell would like to immediatley start hanging out there! =)

OhioGirl said...

Come on, ALL of Södermalm is like that if you look at it the right way!!

No clue if I could find this bar a second time but if I figure it out, will let you know...