Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hey gang!

On Sunday I did the Milennium tour like I said, and honestly it was kind of disappointing.  Well, really honestly it was a big old dud! 

Basically they take you a big walk around all the locations that were in the books which is cool, but not really as exciting as I was expecting - it's just people's apartments and offices and coffee shops and stuff, I walk round those every day!  I mean, if this was the US, it would feel more like a movie tour, like the actors would be there or something, this was basically the same walk I do every day round my own neighbourhood!!  But I took some pictures:

Yeah so big whoop basically! 

Anyway, so I was kind of bummed on my way home and I stopped at the grocery store to get some stuff for DH's dinner (guess I had to thank the guy even if his big surprise sucked!!).  So I am wandering around my very own local grocery store when I suddenly saw the actor Stellan Skarsgård!  (Mom you know him - Orlando Bloom's dad in the Pirates movies and he was in Mamma Mia and a bunch of other stuff - really tall and kind of scary looking). 

Just walking around the grocery store like a regular old person.  I'm not really into celebrity stuff and whatnot, so I didn't even realise why I recognised him to start with and nearly went right up to be like 'hey, I know you' then luckily I realised just in time! I'm not really the kind of person who approaches celebrities or whatever so can you imagine if I had gone up to him by mistake?  I couldn't see what he was buying, just some regular groceries I guess - just like me!  It was kind of like, 'hey neighbour'!!!!

I actually had a little bit of a Hollywood experience myself once upon a time which maybe I'll blog about someday, so maybe it was a sign that my Stockholm life is about to get a whole lot more intersting...

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KatyB said...

I Totally agree - I've done that tour before and was a bit like.. em I've already seen all this!! Would have been great if the actors were around ;;;))))