Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Yeah

The open mike night I was going to go back to?

Damn, I hate to admit this... but I chickened out.  Yeah I know!  I was so set to go, but then... I dunno.  I was kind of intimidated by the Sarcastic Bartender Chicky, and even though I'm pretty tough and brave, going to a bar at night by myself was just a little bit step too far. 

Plus... okay this is going to sound kind of crazy, so can we keep it just between us m'kay?

I was a little scared to see him again.  I mean.  I have had SO much disappointment in my life lately, and he was just so awesome and perfect and mind-blowing, and I just wanted to keep that impression a little while, just for me.  You know?

I WILL track him down again, and I WILL NOT be disappointed, but I just wasn't in a place where I wanted to take a risk.  I don't know if staying in and watching TV in a bad mood is truly being kind to myself, but it is what needed to happen that night. 

But this is another week... we'll see how I feel.

Mystery Man a little longer...


Anonymous said...

Get out there girl and find your man! I really think this was meant to be for you all the stuff that happened, ending up in SWEDEN and then you meet somebody who takes your breath away... I mean, its for real girl! Good luck! xoxoxox

OhioGirl said...

I'll do my best! I don't know if it means anything about me being with him, but I would definitely be happy to be his fan! On the detectiving trail right now...