Wednesday, April 27, 2011


On a sunny spring evening.

Man it stays light late here - already in April it's lighter later than at home in the middle of summer.  I was just told that come real summer, the sun will go down (not like in that movie in Alaska with Al Pacino), but it won't really get pitch dark at all.  Dusk all night.  I'm pretty psyched for that.  And it won't make me as crazy as Al Pacino because I, unlike him, am smart enough to have a sleep mask.  It really bugged me in that movie he never thought of that - woulda saved you a lot of trouble buddy!


Last Easter, we had such a normal day.  Went over to my mom's and my cousin's and their kids were around and as usual we did this weird tradition that I swear my mother made up where the kids have to roll eggs down a hill (seriously, does anyone else on earth do this?).  We exchanged chocolate eggs and had a huge lunch and had coffee out on the deck. 

And then there's this year.  In a few months, I'm not married any more, and there's tensions within my family I don't really want to go in to (not all to do with my marriage, but some) and I had an affair with a giant Swedish guy when I've been with no one but my husband for years, and I speak a tiny bit of a foreign language (well kid myself I do at least) and I have this blog which has been such a comfort and inspiration.

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Stockholm (people say it's unusual for it to be quite this nice this early, but I chose not to hear them) and I sat out on my balcony and I read a book.  My guilty pleasure is the True Blood books (I call them literary popcorn... no real good for you but sometimes they just hit the spot) and I didn't even realize that the new one came out until I happened to notice it in the English-speaking section of a bookstore.  So I sat out and read and felt the sun on my skin and watched the world go by below me, and it was cool.


BB13 said...

I find it good you're looking for the positive stuff in your life. Keep on doing that. And maybe give that giant Swede a call. *giggles* You know, for a hot night and to relax. Well, anyway.
I've been reading the books as well. At the moment I'm at the second book. But you're right it's like popcorn, not great writing but it's a distraction.
And on April 30th it's Walpurgis Eve. It's a tradition we also celebrate. Could be a lot of fun. You should really try to enjoy this summer. It'll be great.

Blog of Ice said...

I like the way you say normal day and then mention an unusual egg rolling tradition :)
But it is nice to have unique family traditions.

(Unless my family missed something and we are the only ones that does not have this tradition).

OhioGirl said...

Ha good point! Normal for us I guess!

OhioGirl said...

@ BB13 ;-)