Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last time on Tales of Södermalm... !

OhioGirl was dating/flinging/something with her trainer Erik, keeping her head held high and being strong in the wake of the betrayal of her husband, and generally starting an awesome new life here in Sweden.

This week...

Well.  The Erik thing kind of fizzled.  Rebounds always do I guess, and really, that's all he was.  I mean - hot.  Tall.  Funny, kinda, sometimes.  But seriously?  Sometimes you could hear the whistle of the wind between his ears, yaknowwhatImean?  And... okay, the whole alpha male thing maybe didn't work out so good for me with my marriage, because alpha males sometimes go off and fling with twinkies, but... I'm not exactly ready for a beta male.  I need a man, you know?  Unfortunately, I read an article about how those are an endangered species in Sweden, so that sucks.


Well Mystery Rockstar is a man, for sure, and I'm pretty sure Swedish.  But, it's not like my standards are super high or anything, but I definitely need a man whose name I know, or where to find him.  I don't see myself as high maintenance or anything, but those are non-negotiable.

New life?  Yeah, happening.  Slowly but surely.  Luckily things fizzled with Erik in such a way that we've been able to keep training (that's a plus side of a non complicated guy), so still getting my ass busted regularly which is almost starting to be fun now you don't get an ice cream headache just by going outside and breathing.  Work irons are in fire, little bit complicated visa wise, but it's just a case of fixing it.  And everything can be fixed!


Sköldpadda said...

Err, I'm a little confused! Are you saying men that take care of their kids and such aren't real men?

Not sure that's what you were saying but I got the impression.

Seems a little backwards to me! Women shouldn't be the only ones to care for the kids. We've got our own lives to live too! ;)

OhioGirl said...

Oh hell no, I'm right there with you! Swedish men are awesome! Alls Im saying is Erik was a little on the wussy side, that's it!

Sköldpadda said...

Oh okay! Gotcha. :)

OhioGirl said...