Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The crazy version of things

A lot of people have been reading this blog a while.

Can I ask you one thing?

Do I seem crazy to you?  Do I seem mentally unhinged or unstable or flat out lost my marbles?  I get mad, sure, I don't think I ever denied that but I think I had a right when what happened happened, no?  I like my gossip and celebrities, sure, but does anyone here think that my "list" is anything more than a joke?  Do you feel like you should warn the guys on it that I might be after them??  Do you?  Seriously, please tell me.

Because that's basically what the %$£&* I used to be married to is telling people.  And people who have known me a long time, are ALEGEDLY believing him.  Because I guess when your wife is kerAZY you get to go off with hot young Swedish things and people SYMPATHIZE with you and think it's a good thing that you are finally getting to have a little fun and relaxation in your life after WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH BEING MARRIED TO A CRAZY PERSON.

But can someone tell me seriously one thing that makes me crazy?  That I have too much respect for myself to put up with his %£$&$@& and I chucked him out the MINUTE I found out?  Even though people here advised me to consider giving him another chance I knew that he had blown all trust and respect between us and I AM BETTER THAN THAT.  Okay fine the balcony scene was a little out there when I locked him out the apartment BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME?!?!  And more than that, WAS I THE ONLY PERSON A PART OF THAT SITUATION??

Apparently so.  Apparently the guy whose been flirting it up at parties with desperate wannabe actresses and whatnot and moved in with his SECRETARY (he can't even be ORIGINAL!!!) is a terrible victim in all this and PEOPLE FEEL SORRY FOR HIM.  MY EX FRIEND came over to bring me back home FOR MY OWN GOOD.  Because I can't cope I guess, being crazy and all.  Do I seem to any of you I can't cope?  Because everyone in the world would be totally fine and immediately confident moving to a new country where they SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE and also their husband leaving them?  I'm weird because I had a few little wobbles over that? 

And the fact that I thought it was a little bit cool we were having lunch near a true to life movie star makes me even more whacko.  I guess I am retreating into a fantasy life to deny the reality of what is happening to me.  I guess I am!  I guess I SERIOUSLY think that a MOVIE STAR is FOLLOWING me around his neighborhood tyring to get me to marry his son!!  I guess I seriously meant that and it wasn't a JOKE which people tell sometimes because it's fUNY.  It's not exactly my fault they took out her sense of humor along with all the fat in her thighs!  Guess those lipo machines go a little out of control sometimes N'EST PAS?


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a really good lawyer. Seriously. I think he is setting something up to screw you over - BE CAREFUL.

BB13 said...

OH.MY.GOD!!! Your ex has a serious problem! Either he should get over his midlife crisis, buy a Ferrari or go back to his kiddie girlfriend. He's obviously gone totally mental. Does he suffer Alzheimer? I mean doesn't he remember who's the crazy one? I can't remember you hooking up with a hot guy after arriving in a new country and lying to your husband about it.
And since a divorce is nothing to be happy about it's just normal to look for distraction with a hot famous guy. I agree, keep your guards up. He's definitely planning something. Gosh, he's worse than a woman. I thought after he get laid regularly now he would be more relaxed.
Btw, is it over with kiddie girlfriend and he really moved in with his secretary now? I really hope they don't re-enact the movie with James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I'd say your ex = el desperado, huh?

Ms.Bennet said...

:O No, you are not crazy, obviously. You are incredibly strong, independently minded and he clearly doesn't like that. From what I have seen about a lot of places in the states it seems to still be frowned upon to want to stand up for yourself (no offense to your home country, it just seems quite antiquated sometimes, especially when you consider how opposite certain states can be)
I think most people, unless they live in LA, would get excited at seeing a film star. I certainly would, and I would react the same as you, try and act cool so as not to disturb them, because it would be rude to interrupt them.
I also know a LOT of people who have a "list" It is a bit of fun where you basically say oh these guys are hot, its not like you are actively looking for them to get them into bed for christ sakes! It's a bit of fun!!

If anyone needs a psych evaluation, it is your ex, and your so called friend. I do think they are probably grasping for any way to ruin you that they can because you have embarrassed him. You figured out what he was doing and threw it in his face, he probably feels emasculated in some way because he lost the power in the situation. He is trying to get it back is all. Be prepared.

Make sure you've got your lawyer briefed on this, and DO NOT back down.


OhioGirl said...

Thank you! Good to know my girls have got my back!!!! I KNOW who is the crazy one, but sometimes ya start to wonder.... I did marry him after all!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i ran into your blog accidentally but, i must say it's been fun reading it and i keep coming back for more :)
First of all, i thought it was incredibly weird that your 'friend' decided to visit Stockholm this time of the year for no obvious reason whatsoever. Obviously with friends like that, you certainly don't need enemies.
I see nothing wrong with getting a little enthusiastic with a new continent/country/city/society/celebrity and since i am currently also living abroad, i know exactly what's like losing the safety net of long time friends and family in your everyday life. It' s only natural to feel lonely or cut off and no one in their right mind would perceive the need to write in order to fill your day or just to communicate as madness.
That being said, i think that you should talk to your lawyer asap since your ex's behaviour is completely unacceptable and highly suspicious.
I sincerely hope that you're through with this ugly situation and go back to commenting personal trainers, celebrities and the fun staff in Sweden.
Good luck and don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Haha, no, I don't think you're crazy at all. A bit of a drama queen, yes, but that might just be you being an american and me being swedish! :)

However, even if you were being crazy, he's still NOT being a nice person and do get a lawyer and go get him!!

Anonymous said...

wow. I think if you were crazy, you would have approached the famous star and made a scene.

I do believe he is setting you up for something. Document everything. Any kind of communications or events, all of it.

So was he doing the secretary all this time or has he already moved on from the other twinkie.

Whoa. Is this the same chickie that called you to come to his office for the mediation??

You are so much better off without him.

I am not a shrink so I can't diagnose you crazy or not, but you seem okay to me. I enjoy your blog and hope you will keep it up, you are a great writer.

Come to think of it, it probably wouldn't hurt to go see a shrink/counselor or someone because then you have documentation from someone "official" who can see you are fine. Of course, the ex might find a way to turn that around as well. See what the lawyer says.


Kalaslotta said...

If you´re crazy for taking pics of Stellan then I´m crazy with you...I´m all in when it comes to taking pics of all the celebs out there, haha.

Your hubby or soon to be ex hubby, is strangeling and trying to find stuff that he can use against you..pathetic.

BUT, be careful what you say about him here on your blog, it could be used againt you..

Me on the other hand, can say whatever I want.

Ex Hubby, you stink!

BB13 said...

LOL exactly. We can say whatever we want.

Kiss my ass you little cheating bastard of a man. You're nothing. Try to use your brain next time instead of your dick. And let your head get checked.

Zola24 said...

Hi Ohio Girl
Unfortunately my original post vanished into the ether. Anyway, briefly this time:
Agree with all the above comments.
You are not crazy just amazing.
Stay strong.
Don't let the b***ards grind you down.
Sorry your 'friend' was as you suspected.
Deal with all the lawyer/ex's c**p calmly, put it to one side to review tomorrow then get out in that sun and have a few drinks at a pavement cafe.
You will survive.
lv & virtual hugs
PS Almost forgot watch out for your friendly Swedish movie star stalker!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha you people are so stupid! You read her blog and you think you know her? Hahahahahahaha

She is crazy. You don't even know the things she's done. No one could even believe Chase lasted as long as he did TRUST.

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself, but no, I don't think I know her. My post above (maybe drama queen but not crazy) is of course based on what I know from this blog. I have not claimed to know more than that. You however, making that allegation anonomous thinking anyone will take your word for it, may not be crazy but definitely stupid. Get lost.

Swede In London said...

I haven't read this blog for too long, but I def don't think that you seem crazy. I will go back further to see if I can find the moments when it all happened because I haven't really got the hang of the whole story yet, not that any of that will change your craziness. You are still NOT crazy. And he is certainly NOT the victim. If you were so crazy why didn't he leave you then BEFORE he ended up bedding another girl...?

Anonymous said...

Easy to call someone crazy when you are hiding behind anonymity, no?

Someone Who knows more!!! said...

... you all know you're sticking up for somebody who also hides behind anonymity, right? Any of you tried looking up OhioGirl in the phonebook? Know how that would go?

You'll all find out. Crazy can only hide so long, and I'll be sitting here with popcorn when it all comes out.


Zola24 said...

I definitely think the Anon who posted immediately after me, and 'someone who knows more", are the same person and appears to have a vested and malicious interest in your life. Beware, and I don't mean physically - just watch out because that poster resides in your immediate neighbourhood. I may be wrong but I don't think so. Give me another reason for such deranged comments.
And to 'someone who etc etc boring' - Ohio Girl is not so anonymous that she wasn't kind enough to reply with her full name when I personally emailed her some time ago. I am so confident in Ohio Girl's integrity that I would willingly give her my 'phone number should she so require.
Now go and crawl back under your rock.

Ohio Girl please don't let those spiteful comments hurt you in any way. Metaphorically spit in her face. Leave the spiteful creature to drown in her own cesspit.

Stay positive. Concentrate on the good and love that shines through in the other comments.

I wish I was in Sodermalm as I'd sure watch your back whilst arranging the best bender ever. Stockholm would never be the same again!

Take care.

BB13 said...

Oh please! Now his so-called "friends" are coming out and defend him? Puuuhleeaase!! There's nothing to defend. He's an asshole. Period.
Whatever happened between these two does not defend the way he treated her.

Don't let yourself put down by such idiots. If your ex has sunken so low to send others over here then he didn't deserve you in the first place. And as we all know he couldn't appreciate it anyway. I mean two women in what? One month? He's a total manwhore. Be glad he's gone.

Stay positive and brief your lawyer. Fight for your pride and kick his ass.


Michelle said...

I've been up all night thinking about whether its a bad idea or even worth my time to speak up about this, but decided I have to and y'all will probably ignore me/flame me but at least I said what had to be said.

I know the person who writes this blog (since the 5th grade actually) and I promise she isn't how she seems here. Which I guess doesn't really matter, she can't hurt any of you people so who cares if you all like her and enjoy her blog but just so you know, she is misrepresenting herself big time.

As the old saying goes, when a man marries his mistress he creates a vacancy, so I do not condone Chase's actions (and trust me, he is no victim, they deserved each other) but I don't think Carly can be shocked and indignant like she acted. Or maybe she was and now knows what it was like for Chase's girlfriend of 4 years (and thinking they were about to get married) when Carly decided she wanted him?

And that's not even half of what I could tell you. All her stories about her "groupie days"? Try she was on an actual list of stalkers for security to look out for and move the band on when she showed up.

So anyway, probably none of you care about the truth (and I bet this comment will be deleted before anyone reads it anyway) but there it is.

Monroe, MI

E. said...

Yeah, I'm sorry, we're a bunch of swedish people reading this
1) because it's funny
2) it's funny cause you're obviously completely nuts.
3) You embody the absolute cliché of the worst things we could ever dream up about americans.

Anonymous said...

I just wasted 30 minutes reading your blog, trying to decide if I should sympathize with you in your current predicament or perhaps try to give you some advice. But then I decided the following: You are a stupid American. Shallow, self absorbed and an embarrassment for us Americans who do live in Europe. You sit around, work on getting toned, show no real interest in learning about the culture, or to further yourself by learning a new language. You belong in the suburbs of America reading tabloids, watching Fox News and raising fantastic kids who will carry on your glorious legacy. Get a bloody life! You make me cringe with disgust!