Thursday, April 28, 2011

Popcorn for Thought


Certain things intrigue me.  Now, okay, they're not the most intellectual fascinations, it might be better if I got intrigued by 16th century literature or the history of the Roman empire or whatnot, but whatever.  Sometimes, you need to switch off and be intrigued by silly things.  Shuddup, leave me alone.

Anyway, you might have figured out that I like my little fix of celebrity gossip from time to time.  It's harmless!  I like all gossip actually, whether it's about my friends or their friends or people I've only seen on movie screens (or in fact people I only know from tabloids and don't actually know what they do for a living), it's all the same to me.  I'm not more interested because it's celebrities, I just like to know what's up with people generally, I like to study human nature and relationships and hell okay, fashion.

I get my fix mostly from the net these days because I did try out a few of the magazines here and I found that not knowing what they were saying about people I didn't recognize anyway got old pretty fast.   And actually, the gossip blogs and stuff can actually be more fun because it's more likely they'll be snarky rather than just printing stuff from the person's publicist, and also the comments section can be hours of head-shaking fun at the craziness of people.

So anyway, the question of the day is:  why do certain celebrities get more papped than they should for their level of famousness? 

I know there are rumors about certain people calling the paps and maybe that's just the answer, because otherwise I just can't figure out how this group of people have the bad luck to get caught so often when other people that I (and a lot of other people) would actually be more interested in seeing pictures of can go underground.  And if some of them can go underground and not be sighted for weeks at a time (seriously, I know some sites that scour the internet for sightings of certain people and they are just nowhere to be found) how do they get caught out other times? 

I mean, if Sandra Bullock can hide a whole baby for weeks and weeks, how come Rachel Bilson can't get coffee without being "caught"?

And BTW, blogs that shout CELEBRITIES CAUGHT... and get me all excited that it's going to be something nasty and then after the jump it's ... PICKING UP STARBUCKS really need to look up the word "caught" in the dictionary and be sued for false advertising because it's really not fair for those of us who were excited about seeing something nasty.

Then there's the sort of pap opportunities that seem to be telling a story... are they really, or are we finding answers in innocent photos because we had the questions?  Like when there's rumors of a break-up and suddenly they're seen out together... is it just that they didn't break up so happened to get coffee (and btw why are celebrities forever getting coffee?  It's like it's all they do) or did they plan to get caught out to let people know they're still happily in Hollywood love?



Anonymous said...

I just wasted 30 minutes reading your blog, trying to decide if I should sympathize with you in your current predicament or perhaps try to give you some advice. But then I decided the following: You are a stupid American. Shallow, self absorbed and an embarrassment for us Americans who do live in Europe. You sit around, work on getting toned, show no real interest in learning about the culture, or to further yourself by learning a new language. You belong in the suburbs of America reading tabloids, watching Fox News and raising fantastic kids who will carry on your glorious legacy. Get a bloody life! You make me cringe with disgust!

Pelham123 tPF said...

Wow! Anonymous has an opinion, doesn't she! I always love it when people bring out the sheer nastiness because they know they cannot be identified, poor, sad, little anonymous:(
I think your blog is fantastic. I check every couple of days for updates and if you were my daughter I would be so proud of you for standing your ground and not running home with your tail between your legs.
Continue to be strong and ignore the jealous ones.

Susanna said...

Im with Pelham123 tPF!

OhioGirl said...

Gee Anonymous, thanks for taking a whole half hour to judge me! Don't let the door hitcha on the way out!

Pelham and Susanna - like the natives here say, puss!