Thursday, April 14, 2011

A public service announcement

Dear Hollywood,
Us gossip fans are not as stupid as you think we are.  We read the &%$^* you spew out to us and we can smell when it stinks of, ahem, natural fertilizer!  Has there ever been a fauxmance that half the world hasn't called out? 

Random engagement rumors two minutes after they started dating!  Weird body language poses that look like monkeys grooming each other rather than regular people into each other!  "Anonymous insider" observations that she is the hottest sh*t on the planet and he is so into her and she gets hit on everywhere she goes (umm, even if that's true, think a little thing like SHE'S A FAMOUS ACTRESS might have something to do with it?)!  We see through this stuff and it makes us LESS interested in your clients not MORE!

We like to follow actors and artists that we RESPECT.  Who have INTEGRITY and HONESTY.  Or are at least good enough actors to pull off seeming to be in love with someone.  If you have to do this, do better at it!  But don't do it. 

K thanks.



ChanelAfterCoco said...

totaaally agree !
(we can be followers if you want ;) ) bisous

carlijn said...

haha, great post. (:

OhioGirl said...

Thank you! I just felt like it needed to be said, you know!!