Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We interupt the dramatic depressingness to bring you...

You know, it kind of bums me out a little that however much gut spilling I do in this little blog, what is the highest searched term?

Not "amazing brave trouper dealing with life in Stockholm"

Not "witty single gal blogging in Sweden"

Not even "kind of crazy and sometimes bitchy notes from Scandinavia"


"Alexander Skarsgard's abs".  I shit you not.  Not even all of him, but specifically his abs. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'd like to make a sandwich on 'em myself, but I posted like one picture of him a year ago and still its all people care about.

But whatever, give the people what they want.  I admit he is prettier than my life...

(source: JustJared)


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha sorry OhioGirl but those abs are more interesting than your drivel any day! Grow up and get over yourself noone is interested in your sad little life but you!!!!!!!!

Molly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day... sorry it's taken a few days to return the favor.
Looking forward to snooping around and checking out Tales of Sodermalm. All I can say is, if you've got spineless, ignorant Anonymous haters, you must be doing something right! :)

Nice to "meet" you!

OhioGirl said...

Hej Molly, welcome!! And tell me about it - in that case I have the most successful blog of all time ever!!!!