Tuesday, January 17, 2012

But can I even handle...

Somebody new and handsome who will be nice to me?  Maybe my problem is that I don't know how to be treated right?  I mean, I had a fairytale marriage that was for keeps and we all know how that turned out, right?  Maybe I don't know how to be happy? They always say that you have to love yourself before anybody else loves you, well I don;t have a problem getting them to love me in the first place, but what if I deep down don't love myself enough and that's why my heart gets broken over and over again?

He came over and he asked if he could sit at my table (it was pretty busy but there were other people he could have doubled up with) and took out his book to begin with. I couldn't understand the title of course but it was a thick, intellectual looking book and also he wore reading glasses which was just the dreamiest thing.  Like a hot professor (it would be even better if he was wearing tweed, but he was not) but with a warm, crinkly sexy vibe.

I was too scared to even talk to him to start with but then suddenly I looked up from my magazine and he was looking at me.


Zola24 said...

I don't know, perhaps you are too hopeful and expect the next guy to be "the one". Now realistically how likely is this? Just enjoy the next relationship. Take it for what it is and don't invest too much of yourself. Look on it as a pleasant way of passing the time. When you find "the one", you and he will know. There'll definitely be no self-esteem issues.

From a jumper and biker-boots type of gal who didn't take exception to your previous post so apart from Amber just ignore the rest. Infact anything from Anonymous I'd never bother to read. Can this "name" be automatically blocked?

Now get out there 'cos you'll need something to get you through a long Swedish winter ;-)

OhioGirl said...

Such good advice... I don't know because I was pretty sure I did find the one (I' married him afterall!) so I can't see how I could know but know for right this time, but maybe!

And so right about anonymous! Somebody commented that if I have anonymous haters on my blog I am doing something right... guess I'll take that!!!

BB13 said...

I have to agree with Zola24. Don't expect the "next big thing". Enjoy it for what it is and see it from a practical side. Every time you date a Swedish man you learn something about the culture and how the "perfect" Swedish boyfriend should be like for you. AND you learn Swedish while doing all this. They all can teach you a bit of the language. Don't take the dating thing too seriously. I'd trade with you in a heartbeat just for the experience to live in another country. Stay positive!