Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Okay, still in turning over new leaf first day of rest of life kind of mode today - it's been hours!!  That's a record for good intentions, right?!?

So I figure I will share some resolutions before heading out for the night (mmm... more on that later - maybe a reason for my good mood today!!!)

1) Listen to myself - seems like I usually know better when I do things that aren't a good idea...
2) Eat healthy, loose weight... blah, blah, blah
3) Have more fun and stop worrying what other people think
4) Don't take my ex husband back
5) Get divorced
6) Don't pay attention to loser haters!
7)Be happy in my own skin
8) Do a good turn every day
9) Learn Spanish
and... drumroll please... 10) Work hard AT MY NEW JOB

Woohooo!!!!  Details to follow!!!

Anybody got any resolutions to share???

Have a good evening everyone! 


Anonymous said...

great resolutions!!!

my only ones are just to lose the weight i gained after moving to norway and to be happy :) the people and processes here frustrate me and i dont want to let them get me down!

OhioGirl said...

Such good resolutions! I am right there with ya. A little weight losing never hurt anybody and I also need to learn to be patient with swedes and their... Interesting ways of doing things!!

sapphire said...

You go kick ass!!!

My resolution this year is to pray that everyone I know is still alive at the end of the 2012.