Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Monday!!

... After a pretty amazing weekend!!! Something happened that hasn't happened to me in a long time... Get your minds out of the gutter, not that!!! Except... that was in the air. With somebody new. Somebody with no freakin baggage and history with me and already let me down (even though I know I have insanely high standards for people - I am working on it!).

I was sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops minding my own business like I always do, when I saw him. Checking me out, which you have no idea how rare it is in Sweden where the men are like scared little rabbits when it comes to real women.

Which is another thing. Before the whole world freaks out and hates and calls me names and whatnot, I have to say that I have noticed my sense of style is a little unique in this city. I am a feminist for sure (though not the hairy man hating kind) but I really don't see anything wrong with taking a little pride in my appearance and dressing like a WOMAN. You won't see me in biker boots and huge sweaters, that's for sure. I may have loved the millennium books, but I don't see lisbeth salander as a style icon like many women around here seem to.

But anyway, for whatever reason it was, I attracted a little attention.

And the he came over.


Anonymous said...

What a sad view on women, including yourself. What women aren't real women? And do you really consider you womaness to be so dependent on how you dress?

Just sad.

Anonymous said...

But how ever harsh that sounded, I'm still glad for you, it's nice to get some attention and feel good. It's not that, it's just your attitude about what a "real woman" is that I really don't like.

Amber said...

To the "Anonymous":

Everyone has different perceptions of what a "real woman" is and is not. She clearly has the confidence to think she is her definition of a real woman, which is fine. Perhaps the people that she interacts with aren't people that she inspires to be like, and thus doesn't consider them "real women". I don't know... the term can be very broad.

Additionally, perhaps she is referring to the idea that her style is a reflection of her confidence in feeling like a real women, and not a definition of it.

OhioGirl, I am happy for you. What happened next?

Anonymous said...

Of course everyone has different perceptions. But those everyone should try to not tell other poeple who is and who is not a "real woman". But thanks for missing the point completely.

OhioGirl said...

Just because somebody is supporting me doesn't mean that they are missing the point!!! I can say what makes me feel like a woman and I am a real woman because I am real woman and I think I am allowed to say that!! Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but you're not allowed to say that other women are not real women. Seriosly, you could at least try to feel good about yourself without putting other people down all the time. You don't exactly come off as a nice person. And as if you would know better than me what the point with MY comment was...