Friday, January 14, 2011


So here I am.  American gal, born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and now living here in Stockholm, Sweden!  I kind of have to pinch myself a little to think I’m really here - maybe I’m partly writing this blog to convince myself it was all real!

Not exactly sure what my impressions are so far, it’s all kind of in a haze of jet lag, and just kind of ‘did I just step into Oz weirdness’.  I’ve been kind of Euro-obsessed my whole life, I took French in high school  (bonjour!) and feel like my personality and outlook on life is kind of more European.  I’m pretty open minded.

Which is a good thing because when I went into the tiniest pharmacy you ever saw in your entire life last night, guess what was on the self, right there for everyone to see - vibrators!  I swear to God (sorry mom, you know I don’t know what one is or anything!!) - they were right there on the shelf next as bold as day.  Where I come from, that’s the kind of thing you order off the internet and it comes in a plain brown envelope (not that I ever did!!!).  I mean, kids could have seen them!!  But whatever floats your boat right, to paraphrase, I guess I’m not in Toledo any more!!


Rex said...

HA!HA! Welcome to Sweden! :-)

OhioGirl said...

Thank you! Welcome to my blog!