Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best Hubby in the World!!

So when DH got home last night (super late - poor baby is working crazy hard right now), he said he had a surprise for me - on Sunday, we are going on a Millenium Tour!!  It's the coolest thing ever, they take you on a walking tour of the city and show you all the locations that are in the books and movies.  I am so excited, I love it here already but I think when I really see the Stockholm that I imagined, it will feel even more real.

Although I've already been to the 7-11 of course - I wonder if it will be on the tour?!  AND!  I went to a coffee shop the other day and a little birdie told me that they had been filming the American version of the film there a few weeks ago!!!  I might have sat on the same stool as Daniel Craig did - there basically aren't enough exclamation points to say how exciting that is!!!!!!  I seriously think he is just the BEST actor to play that part - the guy who played him in the Swedish one was okay I guess, but not that hot.  But Daniel Craig is HOT.  I wonder if they will be shooting any more around here?  Not that I would go and watch or anything, I don't really get people who are obsessed with celebrities and stuff (like, I heard that the guy who was in Pirates of the Caribean and Mama Mia is practically one of our neighbours, and I was like... and?  cool and everything, but whatever), but it would be cool just to know that this major movie was filming right in "my" neighbourhood.

It's really starting to feel like "my" neighbourhood, and I'm sure that after Sunday it will even more!


Claire said...

Cool - I did that tour months ago the first time I came to Stockholm and it was really cool - have fun!

OhioGirl said...

Oh thanks! I will! Do you live here too???