Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I just woke up wishing I could be home again for one minute.  I love new experiences and adventures so I am really excited to be here, but I wish they could be just regular for maybe half an hour so that I could feel normal again.  I wish people could talk English all around me so that I don't have to feel stupid when I don't know what they are saying or ask them to say it in English, and I wish they would pronounce Js in the regular way and I wish that all the freaking ice could be just cleared away so that I don't keep falling on my ass just about every time I walk out of the apartment and I wish it was light for more than three hours or something a day, and I wish the guys would dress like regular guys and not like out of some magazine or something, I mean seriously, is there one freaking straight guy in this whole city?  With their skinny jeans and weird hair and all of them carrying babies, what is that about?  Everywhere you freaking look there are babies it's like they don't do anything but reproduce in this country!!!! I love kids as much as the next person, I just don't need to see one every single second of the day!  And I know this is all new and exciting and I swear I'm not being a stupid American hating everything because its foreign, I just want to be normal for ONE HOUR.

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Stockholmgirl said...

OhioGirl you are hilarious! Yes there are straight guys here in Sweden, they just have a bit of style unlike Americans with their baseball caps and sports gear all the time!

We are normal here, trust me you will get used to it here and feel at home soon!