Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sorry! It's all Cool!

So I was going to delete my last post because I was just in a crappy place on Friday and didn't really mean to freak out, but then I thought that I'm human, I've got a right to be upset and act out so why pretend it didn't happen!  But I really apologise that anyone was worried about me and I just want to say that I'm okay and psyched to be here!  And the ice mostly got cleaned up now so I got one of my wishes!

Well the day finally came!  Today I'm going on the tour of all the places in the Millennium books and stuff so I am really excited about that.  It's sucky that poor old DH has to work after all on a SAturday poor guy, but he's a busy guy, what can I say!  I am going to take loads of photos so you will practically be able to watch the movies again through this blog - how cool is that?

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