Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dream Come True

So today, my doorbell rang and when I answered it who was standing there but ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!!  Okay not exactly, but close!  And it could have been - his Dad obviously lives in my neighbourhood and he could have been visiting and maybe one of his buddies used to live in our apartment before we moved in and he didn't know they moved... well it could have, right????

The guy on my doorstep was about 8 feet tall, muscles bursting out everywhere, blond, piercing blue eyes... he smiled at me and I pretty much fainted dead away, right there in my hallway.  But luckily I didn't quite, because actually he is my PERSONAL TRAINER!  Yes gang, I have to get up close and sweaty with this guy who would actually make the real guy feel kind of crappy next to - he is that hot!! (oh my god I hope he never reads this -- stay anonymous on the internet folks!!!!!!!)  And GUESS what his name is..... ERIC!!  Except he pronounces it like "Aye-rick" and I think spells it with a K.  Damn I get sick of how every single word is pronounced differently here - even words that are exactly the same as they are in English!

Yes gang, I have a personal trainer and he is a god!  I was saying to DH the other night that I was bored and feeling kind of crappy, and he was like - so get off your ass and do something about it, and he was so right!  And he booked the trainer and paid for it and everything - how amazing is my husband, right?!  How many guys would deliver their wives their very own Eric from True Blood and ORDER her to get sweaty with him THREE TIMES A WEEK... Yep, OhioGirl is pretty happy right now!!


Jessica said...

Hey there,

I'm an Ohio girl (Columbus!) living in Sweden, too! I saw you posted a comment on the "Lost in Stockholm" blog, and decided to check your blog out. :) I've been here in Sweden (town of Skövde in between Göteborg and Stockholm) since the beginning of November.

I completely understand a lot of your feelings on things, I've been going through them too! Occasionally I have felt like I just wanted to be home and things be normal too. I think all of us expats struggle with missing the comforts (that you never realized are given to you til you're gone!) of home. Just wanted to say you're not alone and getting busy with something definitely helps. I've started SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) this week and have an upcoming job, and feeling useful/productive/a part of life here helps the homesickness!

Sorry to babble so much, especially since I'm a perfect strange, but I empathized with some of your sentiments, and was excited to discover another Ohio girl in Sweden.

OhioGirl said...

Oh you are too sweet! Thank you so much for getting in touch and I love to think that there's another ohio girl not too far away!

Wow you have a job in English - that's awesome!! I'm going to start learning soon - right now too freaked out to do much but just get through the day!

Jessica said...

I meant to also say that you definitely shouldn't push yourself in your first bit here. I totally understand about the "freaking out." I just meant that if you're comfortable, that's great that you've got a personal trainer/something to do to keep you occupied somewhat through the days. =)

OhioGirl said...

Thank you so much for saying that - my DH has been acting like I'm a freak for freaking out, and I'm like - it's a whole new country where I don't know anyone! He has an office to go to where everyone is American so it's like he's practically not in Sweden all day, so he has no idea! But you're right too, it's really good to have something to fill my days even if every one of my muscles is literally screaming at me right now!!! Thank you!