Monday, March 12, 2012


Since I decided I was going to stay here for a while (things might not have worked out like I thought, but no running home in defeat for OhioGirl!), I figured I should start to learn the language.  I mean, everyone speaks English (or at least think they do, they make more mistakes than they think but I guess I do in Swedish so its even!), but still there are times it is annoying not to know if people are talking about me, for example.

So I started taking lessons, and it's going okay.  Except, it's a REALLY frustrating language!  There are all these weird rules and strange pronounciations for things that it makes you understand why they all speak English!  I'm sticking it out because I'm not a quitter, but sometimes I really wonder why I bother.

For example, there is no word for "please".  How weird is that?  It is basic everyday courtesy and they don't even have a word for it - they say thank you.  So you would say "a coffee, thank you" instead of "a coffee, please", which doesn't sound as polite in my opinion.  And how to you teach kids their "please's and thank you's"?  You would have to teach them their "thank you's" and "thank you's"!!

And sometimes they say sentences backwards for no good reason I can see, its like the whole nation has that disease where you get words mixed up and curse for no reason.  Like, you say "now live I in Stockholm", which just sounds like you're trying to speak in Shakespeare or something (even though Shakespeare spoke English!) and should have a bugle and be like "hear ye hear ye, in the year of our lord 2012, now live I in Stockholm"!

I'm not disrespecting or anything, so please don't go crazy at me in the comments, I'm just sharing some observations as I take on this new challenge in my life.  Be I happy to live in this fair town, thank you!!


eastcoastmom said...

This is so funny! Our kids have never lived in Sweden, but they are Swedish since we, the parents, are, and we are only speaking Swedish at home.

This is one of the mistakes the kids do sometimes, they use their English logic and speak Swedish.

All the best from Madrid

OhioGirl said...

Tha is for stopping by, glad I'm not the only one!!!

LFCSE said...

Very funny and interesting blog you have =)

Found it from "Lost in Stockholm" and bookmarked since I love reading about what other people think of Sweden =)

Anonymous said...

Seriously offensive. You can't seem to eloquently write and articulate your own native language. Did you do ANY research before you posted your analysis of the Swedish language that "there is no word for 'please'"? I hope that you have figured it out by now that the word for "please" in Swedish is "snälla" and it is my humble request to you that

SNÄLLA fortsätt inte skriva den här onödiga bloggen.