Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 Anyone remember this? 


She has her own show. She has my husband (not any more I don't think) and she has a DOCUSOAP about how amazing she is when really she is a husband stealing wh*reb*tchsl*t. Sorry, but sometimes cursing is all that will say what you need to with the strength it needs! And she is freaking boring and stupid! Why exactly has she been given a show can anyone tell me? There has to be about 17,000 better candidates for a reality show about their life, some of which haven't stolen people's husbands probably. Like these for instance:

So can anyone tell me one thing that is more interesting about blondie than any of these people? But they picked blondie. Approached her, so she says (though I wouldn't trust anything that twinkie has to say as far as I could throw an elephant). Is there no moral standards left in the world that people like HER become famous famewhore famoussons? Call me old fashioned but I think that there should be STANDARDS for people to get that kind of success, not that she actually has any – clearly she is yet another vapid airhead who let's just say I'm pretty sure that the producer of the show is a guy who doesn't think with the head on his shoulders, is all I'm saying.


Anonymous said...

Did you see last night's episode? Was there maybe another "familiar face"???

OhioGirl said...

Umm, no? Why should I?

OhioGirl said...

Take it back! Don't know what made me think I knew the girl in that show, totally got mixed up - my bad!!