Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring in the air!

Last night as I was walking to a date-type-thing (maybe later) I suddenly turned around and saw this and thought, I live in a pretty darn pretty town.  So often I get down on Stockholm (for good reason) that I forget it's good points.  Like:

1) All the water
2) It's getting lighter and lighter and lighter
3) The people are easy on the eye.  Weird and unsociable, but nice to look at.
4) It's clean.  Sometimes I think that little Swedish elves come out every night with mops and buckets and just sanitize the whole place.  I went to New York once and couldn't even enjoy it because all I could think of is the germs floating everywhere from all the filth.
5) Nobody bothers you, which some days is good.
6) Lots of hills (in Sodermalm anyway) which is good for the old booty
7) Candles in coffee shops.  Atmosphere and caffeine all in one!
8) The giant ships.  I dunno, they just tickle me.
9) Weird, not good, junk food in stores.  Also good for the old booty.  Now you know why Swedish people are skinny and hot!
10) Uhhh.... never running into any *ssholes from highschool or anything.  Can be good having a whole city/country/continent/hemisphere to yourself! 

Yayy Stockholm!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa way to be horrible while pretending to be nice! You are so transparent Ohiogirl!

An OhioGirl who has a life said...

This is it? You move to a new country where there is all manner of fresh experiences and new perspectives and things to learn and open your eyes to the world and all you can come up with is that there's water and the people are reserved! Man you make me depressed!