Thursday, September 22, 2011

A friend!!!

Whaddayaknow, right after I posted about feeling bad about not feeling like I am getting to know people here, I just made my first friend!

I went to meet Erik after he had a training session because we had a coffee date (things are okay between us right now, he is trying to understand that I can't give what he wants yet and being patient), and when I showed up he was like "come meet my client" - he had mentioned this girl called Amie before (pronounced Aah-mie, not Ay-mee like in America) and said he thought we would really hit it off. And we did! 

She came out of the changing rooms and was so friendly and excitable I thought for a second she must be American!  She said she had been really looking forward to meeting me and I was even cuter than Erik said and she had been listening to him about us for months and was really rooting for things to work out, and I was like - wow!  Hi!

So we went and had coffee (I met up with Erik later) and just jabbered away the whole time like we had been storing up things to say to each other for our whole lives.  She is super cute and sweet and fun and we made plans to do some shopping (and more fika) next week too. 

Like they always say, boys come and go, but a good girlfriend means everything!!

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Zola24 said...

Wow, so pleased for you. A friend - at last - someone to have a giggle, (and a drink, or two?) and just generally hang out and have fun with.
Just curious is Amie Swedish? Not that it matters, just enjoy the friendship and yes, a true girl friend will be with you for life.
Here's to many good times.