Friday, September 2, 2011

OhioGirl is Back!!

Okay, sorry about getting a little emotional last night, but picture the scene: I'm all snuggled up with my honey, just about to fall asleep, and I decide to check emails on my phone one last time and I have about 20 either friends asking me what's going on, or weirdos telling me I... umm, don't exist.  Mmmmm so okay... why has this blog always attracted people with a screw or two missing?  I didn't ask for this kind of attention!  I guess it's kind of flattering that people think about me enough to make up crazy stories about me - thank you!!!  Now step away from my life, kthanksbye!!!

But anyway I guess it's good because it made me get my butt in gear and start writing in this blog again which I have been meaning and thinking about doing for the longest time.  Basically, summer went a little insane for me, I have had a LOT of personal sh*t to deal with so I just took a little time to be me, you know?  I walked around in the sunshine and sat in parks and watched the water and ate ice cream (sometimes!!) and spent a little time with a personal trainer we all know and love.  Well I do, I don't know about you guys.  And if you do, back away while you still have both your knees!!!!!!

Oh, and worked on getting divorced which was so fun!  Seriously, I recommend it as a leisure activity for all the family, it just makes you feel SO GOOD.

So anyway.  I might go into more detail about this stuff someday, but for right now I want to focus on the FUTURE and TAKING ONE STEP AT A TIME.  And also, in figuring out if I can walk through walls and stuff now that I'm not a real person.

Whatever crazies!


BB13 said...

I'm glad you're over the hill and enjoying Stockholm. I envy you a bit for it. My time there was definitely too short.
You've got the right attitude focusing on the future. The past is the past for a reason. Assholes don't exist in your presence, or at least try not to have them.
Wishing you the best.

OhioGirl said...

Exactly! I mean of all the rumors people could start about me, there's got to be a more interesting one than that, right?? Whatever, crazies!!