Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swedes Glorious Swedes

Why do they all hover randomly in the street and don't move when people need to get by?
Why do they all wear the exact same outfit and have the exact same phone?
Why do they look down on me when I TRY to speak their language and not even listen even though I'm doing my best?
Why do they not have one low-fat option on anything in the store but they are all skinny?
Why do they have no idea what feelings and emotions are and definitely not how to express them to another human being?
Why do they sit in coffee shops all day long even on weekdays?
Why do the men dress like (hipster) women, and the women dress like (hipster) men?
Why are their supermarkets full of different varieties of the SAME FIVE FOODS?
Why did no one tell me that I've been paying for salad and a drink and a cookie every time I buy lunch but I didn't know I had to go get it myself?
Why do they act like being a little bit friendly is a sign of being a freaky stalker like person?
Why do they eat lunch at 10:30 am?


Kalaslotta said...


Low fat is often the same as high sugar and voila, thats why swedes are skinny. Low anything is simply not good. Go full fat and you´ll eat less!

And the varieties of foods? When did you last visit a Stop n´ Shop?

Keep up your friendly american way and they will soon open up to you! You are entering the season of darkness...everyone will be a bit moody the upcoming months. Sorry...

Hang in there...spring will be back...

OhioGirl said...

They'll be more moody?!? Say it aint so!!! Ha ha - actually I should be careful, MY Swede gets mad if I say any teeny little constructive criticism ;-)))

Although eating full fat is advice I could get on board with... !!

BB13 said...

You would get moody too if half of the day is dark. LOL. They still got their fika. :D

Re constructive criticism. You have to wrap it in a compliment and he won't get it so quickly.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Oh no, that's not a list of good things :( I have to admit that this one made me laugh a bit: Why do the men dress like (hipster) women, and the women dress like (hipster) men?

OhioGirl said...

@ BB13 Me? Moody??? Whatchatalkin about??!! Uh oh....

@Leeann Glad it made you laugh! I wish I could understand their fashion sense here... !!!

Sofia said...

I love your blog!

I don't know why Swedes are like that, I am Swedish myself but has lived in London for a decade, and would be scared to go back to live in Sweden just because of the Swedish mentality. Why did you move btw? Hope you will get to know more people soon!

Fredrik said...

If you eat lunch at 10:30 you beat the crowd. It may be related to school lunches which, at least for me, could range from 10:30 to 13:30